Staying Motivated

It’s a challenging part for me when it comes to motivation. I forgot to pull myself sometimes and I drag myself deep down when I shouldn’t, I know it's wrong. What I do now is I really try to look for motivating quotes/message to remind myself not to give up. Staying on track takes a lot of self discipline, focus and inspiration.  

Inspiration and positivity is possible however it was so hard to be positive when the people around you is pulling you down, saying negative things, like you can’t make it. But instead of thinking about all these negative ions around me I would tell myself that this would be my inspiration to do more, to be better, and to reach my ultimate goal. They will be shocked in the end that I did make it. This would be a sweet revenge to those people, right? 

Here's a perfect guide to stay motivated ^_^ 


A work in progress

A lot of things happened this month, so hurray for me!! First, I wanted to share that finally I watched the third installment movie of Sarah and Lloydie.  I feel good after watching the movie, it was a happy ending and I almost cried on the wedding scene. The vows that they personally made are so romantic. Love is truly a powerful feeling. If you truly love someone you can forgive them. Some people are not like that though, for them once the damage has been done there are no second chances. Anyway, it’s all about the degree of mistake that you can convince yourself to forgive them.

I’m glad to tell that I’ve never been so pleased on the activity that we have right now.  We have this English literature kind of activity hehe. The 1st story that we have discussed is from Edgar Allan Poe titled “The Cask of Amontillado”.  This is a short story from Poe and my very 1st time to read it. I was having a hard time understanding the words. Where the heck these words came from? Hehe. I find myself searching a video through youtube just to understand the story haha! I admit that I’m not good in comprehending a story. The video helped me a lot to understand it, thanks youtube.  I read reviews from Sparknotes too.  To summarize it, I got internal bleeding haha!  But I’m happy I enjoyed it, that’s the most important thing. We will have another discussion this coming Saturday and I’m excited to meet these wonderful people.  I love this kind of activity; it makes my brain active.  I’m looking forward to improve my vocabulary.

P.S I lost 2lbs HAHA! I guess Pilates is really working. It’s been a week that I stopped doing it since I have a visitor harhar. A work in progress ^_^  

Keeping Up!

Hello dear blog, I know I haven't been around for i dunno almost a month now.wew. I was kind of busy these past few weeks so I have to keep up with you. I want to be as active as possible but there are important matters that needed my full attention. (excuse the grammar since I'm not good at it). Anyway it's summer and the summer heat is making me crazy. I can make an excuse now not to exercise since the sweat i'm getting is endless, how to make it stop? I have no idea. I was like having a 30 minutes aerobic workout. Enough of my excuses since I'm doing basic Pilates now for 4 days, just for a change. I'm feeling heavy and it's my fault *cries*  I've been doing and experimenting work-outs now just to keep me at it and not to get me bored. It was hard but I don't want to think about it. I'm trying not to be distracted and I just have to focus. I'm strong and I can do it.

By the way, since it's summer I really want to go swimming. Last Easter Sunday, I got the chance to go swimming but there were a lot of people around and the pool is not in good shape. I mean it looks horrible. My boyfriend and I just went swimming to the beach, not exactly a beach resort though. I had fun as always when he's around. I also got the chance to talk to my friends and we planned to have bonding time this May, after election and I'm kind of excited. 

Since it's really hot this summer, keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water, lots of them. Like 2 liters of water everyday. Because of this weather I went to the salon and had my hair cut short. I don't exactly love my new hair/looks, I don't have to worry for now. Cheers!


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