That's What I Am

 I'm a Teacher. I'm a Singer. I'm a Writer.

That's What I Am is a story about a Teacher, a Singer and a writer. Frankly, at first I never thought this movie was great.  I decided to watch this one since it has a 6.9 out of 10 ratings in IMDB. 

The setting was in early 1960's where a young man named Andy still adjusting himself in the phase of puberty and his favorite English  teacher Mr. Simon a dedicated educator who shares valuable lessons to his students in the course of the movie.  On the other hand there’s a boy named Stanley who has a passion for singing; he’s a quiet young boy and one of the smart students in the campus. 

Stanley labeled Big G in the campus which means Ginger since he has an orange hair and his ears are just too big for his head. He’s the target of bully and mockery in the campus. One day in Mr. Simon’s class Andy was paired to Big G for their final project. As much as possible Andy avoids conflict at school but he has no choice but to work with Big G.  Then there was that rumor circling around the class that Mr. Simon was a “homo” which jeopardizes his profession and career.  

I truly don’t understand why there has to be a bully and the target of bullying. But even though Big G was pretty much the center of mockery he didn’t give a damn care. He studies his lessons well and keeps that certain nobility of himself.  The movie is quite cute in a way how Andy manages himself to the difficulties of adolescence.  Andy is an aspiring writer and enjoys writing more than anything. The story is heartwarming and some good lessons that is worth sharing. I commend this family movie and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.I love Big G's song in the last part "Go ahead and dream". 

Some part of the movie which I personally like. The part where Andy asked his Mom about Big G. 

Live at peace with everyone
As much as possible I want to live at peace with everyone, live at peace with the world, embracing all the goodness the world offers.  I don’t want to look back but my past molded me to become a better person. Nobody can ever tell that I’ve been through rough times when I was still a kid. I think it’s a trauma but that doesn’t give me any reason to be negative about my views in life. 

God opened a new window to me, He knows I’ve been through a lot and He doesn’t want me to suffer. The people in my life are not perfect neither myself. I have relationship war with my siblings when I was still young. But I know how to distance myself from not getting into that kind of situation again. It was hard to be at a constant war with your siblings. It was a blessing for me to find God. He’s a good listener, I cried a lot every time I talked to him all about my worries and sentiments, and I’m not like that with anyone else, not even to my mother.  

My mother taught me to talk to him if I have worries, pray even. I want to thank her for introducing God into my life. I realized that if I haven’t known him, I wouldn’t be like this in the first place. He knows everything and I surrender everything to him.

Haya Budee To You

Today's the day!! Hehe, It's my birthday!! Feliz cumpleanos feliz cumpleanos and I remember Dora the Explorer singing this song. I wanna say Thank you with all my butt haha cause my butt is bigger than my heart LOL Okay Thank you so much Dear God for all the blessings, you alone are the most holy one Jesus Christ without you I'd be a lost girl now. Thank you so much for guiding me all through the years, you're always there for me, you're my strength. 

Thank you to those people who remembered my birthday! Thank you Sticky Friends for the flowers and greetings.. Thank you,Gamsahabnida,Arigat┼Źgozaimasu,Gracias,Danke,Grazie, Salamat Kaau heheh.. I love you All. I appreciate it so much. I'm speechless. hehe..

Haya Budee cake from Sticky! Thank you so much :) 

Haya Budee to you, Haya Budee, Haya Budee, Haya Budee to you ~ my nephew's version of Happy Birthday.

How to Remove the Mighty Bond on your skin

Mighty bond is a bonding agent that substantially improves adhesion.  I used mighty bond while I was fixing something and the acrylic liquid runs through my hands. I have this dilemma removing the freaking mighty bond in my hands and I really hate it much. I Googled for the best way to remove this adhesive stuff on my skin as it really getting on my nerves! 

Materials needed:

Petroleum jelly
Nail File

Okay, first things first, I washed my hands with warm soapy water since the substance has begun to harden on my skin. I applied petroleum jelly to my hands and use the nail file and rubbed it on my skin to get it off quickly.  Do it slowly but surely. No need to rush or else you’ll get hurt. That’s it!! I’m happy my hands are flawless again lol. So if you got into sticky problem, try to follow my simple solution. I assure you, it’s a no brainer.  

 waaaaaa..i'm super relieved.
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