Anime Paboritos

I'm an anime lover/fanatic. I have here the list of anime that I personally love. I love watching anime since it has a  therapeutic effect in my system.hehe. It removes all the stress that I have. I'm happy, hyper and super kilig to the bones of the sweet scenes. Anyway below are the list of my favorite anime!


The story about naruto is amazing. Ninja's are so cool. They can do things like runs fast, can do seals for power attacks and defense. What I like most here are the fighting scenes. 

The story for me is more about friendship. Sometimes it sucks because of the overacting scenes from naruto. I can't help but smile, but anyway I love the plot. 

My favorite characters are Sasuke, Gaara, Neji, Itachi, Kakashi, Sakura, Yamato and Lady Tsunade. Well Naruto is not on my list because I don't like him that much. :P 


The universe of Hunters. Hunters travel around the world taking special jobs like treasure hunting and assassinations.I like hunters do assassination. 
The story is about Gon Freecs, a 12 yr old kid, and his quest to find his father Ging Freecs. Ging who is a famous hunter. Gon is determine to be like his father. On his quest he meets other acquaintance and became close friends. My favorite character here is Killua Zoldyck.


I dunno why I love these girls so much!

The characters:

Hikaru Shidou (獅堂 光 Shidō Hikaru) (Lucy Shido or Lucy González) is an eighth-grade girl, small for her age and often teased for her boyishness. She is headstrong, determined and loyal. She is the Magic Knight of Fire. She is in love with Lantis, Zagato's younger brother, but it is implied that she is also in love with Eagle Vision, the son of the president of Autozam.

Umi Ryuuzaki (龍咲 海 Ryūzaki Umi) (Marina Ryuzaki or Marina Santana) is the only child of a rich family. She is quick-tempered and at first uncaring, though perhaps the best-suited for the task at hand, but is also the most reluctant. She is the Magic Knight of Water.

Fuu Hououji (鳳凰寺 風 Hōōji Fū) (Anemone Hooji or Anais Araujo) is the voice of reason. She is also highly intelligent, though this goes more for booksmarts than streetsmarts. She often has moments where she doubts herself, but ends up coming out strong in the end. She is also in love with Ferio. She is the Magic Knight of Wind.

Mokona is a seemingly intelligent rabbit-like creature with a gem on his forehead. It travels along with the three knights and helps them to find their way to find the runegods.

The Plot:
Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, Fuu Hououji are on a field trip to the Tokyo Tower with their respective schools. The girls are blinded by a flash of light and hear a voice calling for the Legendary Magic Knights to save Cephiro. 

They fall through the sky into another world, Cephiro. Once there, they meet Master Mage Clef. Clef explains, "[In Cephiro], one's will has the ability to change reality for better or worse. The dark fears in people's hearts become monsters, while a well-intended wish can do miracles. One person, the Pillar, whose will is stronger than anyone else's, is responsible for maintaining through her prayers the well-being of Cephiro."
In the first story arc, the current Pillar, Princess Emeraude, has been captured by her high priest, Zagato. The three girls are charged with the task of saving the Princess by activating the three Rune-Gods (魔神 Mashin). They are given a bizarre creature named Mokona to guide them on their journey. 

When the girls finally reach Emeraude, they learn that she had fallen in love with Zagato, hindering her ability to pray solely for Cephiro's well-being, and had summoned the Magic Knights to kill her since no one on Cephiro could harm the Pillar.
The second story arc deals with the complications caused by the first season's climax: three warring planets, Autozam, Fahren, and Chizeta, have begun their attempts to conquer Cephiro and a new Pillar must be chosen before the whole planet is destroyed. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are once again summoned to Cephiro. 

In the manga it is later discovered that the mysterious Mokona is responsible for their being summoned back to Cephiro, and he is, in fact, the creator of both the Earth and Cephiro. In the anime they return to Cephiro because of their (especially Hikaru's) strong desire to do so.
Eventually, Hikaru is chosen to become the new Pillar. However, she rebels against the Pillar system, deciding that the fate of the planet should not be the responsibility of only one person, effectively preventing that person from ever being able to live and love freely.
Hikaru, Fuu and Umi return to earth, but still can visit their loved ones in Cephiro.

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Ghost Fighter

I love this anime when I was still a kid. I love Vincent's character. I like his coldness but he's just like that. The truth --- he cares a lot!

I can't remember the story that much. But I like the fighting scenes here. What I remember  is Eugene and Jenny -the loveteam ♥ ♥ - haha! Love makes my world go round and round!


I love Doraemon's gadgets and stuffs inside his pocket. Actually, he is a good friend to Nobita. He helps him no matter what and I adore him so much for his loyalty. 
One thing that I love on this anime are the moral lessons. It's humorous but the lessons taught are good.

Shrek Forever After

Shrek goes fourth! 

After challenging an evil dragon, rescuing a beautiful princess and saving your in-laws' kingdom, what is the next thing an ogre to do? 

Well, if you're Shrek, you suddenly wind up as a domesticated family man. Instead of scaring villagers away like he used to, a reluctant Shrek now agrees to autograph pitch forks. What happened to this ogre's roar? Longing for the days when he felt like a "real ogre," Shrek is duped into signing a pact with the smooth-talking deal-maker, Rumpelstiltskin. 

Shrek suddenly finds himself in a twisted, alternate version of Far Far Away, where ogres are hunted. Rumpelstiltskin is the king while Shrek and Fiona have never met. Now, it's up to Shrek to undo all he has done in the hopes of saving his friends, restoring his world and reclaiming his one True Love.

Shrek release date: May 21st 2010 



Last Sunday I took an exam - NC2-CHS in  TESDA - TAGOLOAN. I'm just lucky, I passed the exam -hahah!- I didn't expect it. The night before the exam, I started studying but then I felt like my head is going crazy in memorizing the beep codes. I hit the hay already. I told myself I don't care what would happen tomorrow as long as I have enough sleep. "Whatever will be, will be" , I thought. I always have that "bahala na" habit.

The day of the exam I'm not feeling well. The exam started 9:30 and ends 5pm. I managed to study since I arrived early in TESDA. Being cool helps me a lot, I don't want to feel anxious about what would be the result. I  prayed to God for guidance. 

First problem encountered: I can't get  straight-thru perfectly - I tested it but it  was failed. I have used already my extra RJ45 so what I did I just borrowed an extra RJ45 from my friend Pearly. If I can't get it right, I'm failed in networking -waaaaaa-

to be continued..........


I have an exam tomorrow.It's a CHS ( computer hardware servicing ) exam in TESDA which is required for XU-CIT students.

The exam is written, actual and interview, it's a whole day activity and starts 8am in the morning in TESDA - TAGOLOAN. We had our review and somehow it helps me to recover my mind from being frozen for so long now..haha! I no longer remember my first installation of operating system (OS ), the disk partitions, how the bios works and such. I'm busy looking now for videos to help me understand the process more.

Even my networking subjects as well. I can't remember the cross-over and straight thru color coding.Everything flashed to me like a lightning! I'm into the TECHNOLOGY WORLD right now.
And first things first is to pass that exam. Though I'm not  that certain if I could pass it but I still believe that I can do it.. :) < the SECRET > :D

Too bad my exam is tomorrow, I was hoping that I could take the 2nd batch but I'm destined to be at 1st batch of examinees, and I'm not yet ready. < sigh >*** 

Well, I believe everything happens for a reason... Anyways, good-luck to ME..I'll just study well today. < wink >****


The Last Song

Truth only means something when it's hard to admit......

 ---- hmmm.. yeah

Sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes it makes you love them more...  

---- makes sense :)

Pixar Movie: UP



Russell: [from trailer] Good afternoon. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir? 
Carl Fredricksen: No.
Russell: I could help you cross the street.
Carl Fredricksen: No.
Russell: I could help you cross your yard.
Carl Fredricksen: No.
Russell: I could help you cross your porch.
Carl Fredricksen: No!
[closes the door on Russell's foot]
Russell: Ow.
kuliiiittttt ni Russell ^^ I like this movie so much!


I can't think well today!!!
I dunno why? why I'm like this..
I can't understand.....
I hate it!!

I'm a super duper mood shifter.........

I'm goin' crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy

I dunno what's happening to ME............??????

crazy mind says:
Waaahhh..what should I do???? :(

Quote Me..

These are quotes I found on tumblr. I can somehow relate myself to the quotes. I give credits to all who made this one. It made my day! Enjoy :) 




Divine Mercy Shrine

It's Sunday and family day. We decided to go to the famous Divine Mercy Shrine in Ulaliman, El Salvador. We have to attend church since it's the fiesta of Divine Mercy. There are lots of people just to see the Shrine and to pray of course. Here are some photos of the shrine.
A photo at the back of the shrine. They have this area where people offers a candle and pray for their own petitions. The candle varies into colors and sizes as well.

There's an area where people would fetch water which believes to be miraculous. It says that it can heal whatever sickness you may have.

I was surprised cause the place changed a lot since the last time we've visit. I love the changes of the place. We had fun touring the place again. They have a new landscape like the Guadalupe place in Tablon, currently under construction. It's pretty nice.

We really had a great time. I enjoyed it though it's so hot and dusty and lots of people. I dunno why but visiting the place makes me at peace. It's a wonderful place. I am looking forward to visit again. :)

“What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.” Eleanor Powell

True friend

We need friends. We value them like our own sister/brother.  

TRUE FRIENDSHIP must have complete honesty and trust. Friends do things to each other without counting the cost or without expectation of repayment.

Friend, you know who you are. It's time for you to let go of things. Learn to accept though it hurts a lot -buh?-.  It's not that easy but I'm confident that you'll get through this. You’re a strong lady but not lonely huh. 

I know he's a friend of yours and it's hard to accept that he's using you for his own benefit. Right? I don't want to judged the person but what I have observed he's somewhat like that and it's not good..hmmm.

Sooner you'll get over HIM.. :)

" Kabalu naka now nga inana dai siya..and dapat pud ipa feel jud sa eya imu worth as a friend dili kai mag inana pud xah tungod kei nakahalata na siya nga inana dai (u know na). Wala koi kaulit neya ha? opinion lang naku ni..friend pud bya nku to siya, wla koi gikampihan sa inyu duha.heheh..klaru???

I know dili pud ka gusto first mag approach tungod sa imu pride. Okey raman na kei kblu ko nagmahay jud kaau ka,but pag ma accept na nmu ang tanan, mwala nana xah and maybe mag friends nmu blik. I'm still hoping na mag friends mo ulit. Ambut pud ui why mu nagka inana..mura mu ug nag LQ hahaha! Dai para ni sa imuha na message jud. Love yah friend.

I guess you will love this song..hahaha!

I dedicate this to you :D


I've known you for so long
You are a friend of mine
But is this all we'd ever be?
I've loved you ever since
You are a friend of mine
But babe, is this all we ever could be?

You tell me things I've never known
I've shown you love you've never shown
But then again, when you cry
I'm always at your side
You tell me 'bout the love you've had
I listen very eagerly
But deep inside you'll never see
This feeling of emptiness
It makes me feel sad
But then again I'm glad

I've known you all my life
You are a friend of mine
I know this is how it's gonna be
I've loved you then and I love you still
You're a friend of mine
Now, I know friends are all we ever could be

You tell me things I've never known
I've shown you love you've never shown
But then again, when you cry
I'm always at your side
You tell me 'bout the love you've had
and I listen very eagerly
But deep inside you'll never see
This feeling of emptiness
It makes me feel sad

But then again
Then again
Then again I'm glad

Wala lang, hope maigu ka..hehe

Inside my Tote bag...

BAGS are container of things.We put everything we needed for everyday purposes. Bags may vary in sizes, functions,and designs. I wanna share something what's inside my Tote bag.

First things first...

A hairbrush
Of course,a typical girl like me always have a hairbrush. 

Pink Pouch bag
My pink pouch bag serves as my organizer.I put a lot of things on it..Inside this organizer bag is my cologne/perfume,a lip-gloss, a pen, flash drive,corby charger and headset, press powder (for mirror purposes only!), alcohol, Vitress (for hair),and a baby powder.

I always have my sun/rain protection with me. My friends usually call me a Girl Scout " laging handa" (always ready).

Brown pouch bag
Inside this pouch bag I have all my receipts from school,chain stores and malls. (dunno why i keep them). It also includes my XU school id (S.Y 08-09).My novena prayer for St.Anthony de Padua,stresstab vitamins,other useful medicines -just in case-.

My tumbler
I always have my tumbler with me especially when I'm at the office.

Cellphone wrist bag holder
I have 2 cellphones so i needed it badly.

Glasses box 
I need this for my reading glasses. 

a tissue, pocket notebook and my wallet.

So what's inside your bag?

Nature Photos

These are photos I took in TESDA - TAGOLOAN.. I was fascinated to took pictures while waiting for our exam. It's really  a beauty. I really like it!

Just wanna add up a nature story..

Life of a tree

Once a teacher took some children for a walk in a nearby forest to tell them about the life of a tree.

"The tree is alive just like ourselves," explained the teacher, stopping near a big pine tree. "The tree eats, works, breathes and sleeps. It can feel and even speak, but in it's own way."

The children all listened attentively to the teacher's story except for three boys for whom this kind of story was not at all interesting. Slowly they moved away, and trying not to be noticed managed to escaped into the depths of the forest.

"What nonsense! I will never believe that trees are alive and can feel," said the first boy scornfully.

With these words, as if trying to prove his point, he jumped up and caught a branch of a birch. He started to swing on it, forwards and backwards until the branch broke off with a loud crack.

"Certainly that's nonsense," laughed another boy. "Trees cannot speak! Look, the birch didn't say anything when you broke off it's branch just now. Now I will carve something with a knife on it's bark. Maybe this tree will write me something in reply?" he continued laughing.

"And I don't believe that trees can breathe. They don't have lungs" the third boy added, supporting his friends. "Here, come and have a quick look at this huge oak growing in this glade," he shouted.

The children began to run around the oak, kicking it as they did so and singing cheerfully:

"Hey, you old oak tree - tell us your name."

Suddenly all the boys felt as if something had seized them by their jackets and had raised them high above the ground.

"Oh, what's going on?" – shouted the children in fright. In reply the branches of the old oak rustled and a voice boomed out that made the boys tremble in horror:

"I am the keeper and the guardian of this forest. How dare are you ask my name, you shameless boys?"

The frightened children were silent and pale.

The voice of the oak was like a terrible whirlwind filling the wood.

"Listen to me, trees of my forest: birches and aspens, fir-trees and pines, lindens and maples. We'll have to decide together what to do with these naughty boys. Are any of you willing to take responsibility for them?

In reply the trees started to rustle in fright.

"No, please no, respected oak - I am afraid of them. All my leaves still tremble from the fright," - said the aspen with fear in its voice.

"And I don't need such naughty boys, what will I do with them? I am a quiet and decent tree," - answered the fir-tree.

"I've already got too much work without these boys," - explained the rowanberry tree. "I must grow berries so that the forest's inhabitants can be fed in winter."

"Ok. If none of my trees will take responsibility for you then I'll have to turn you into stones, you shameless boys," exclaimed the oak, making a terribly loud noise which terrified the boys.

"Oh, no, respected oak, please wait. All right, I agree. Give them to me, even though they broke one of my branches and cut my bark. All the same, people are not supposed to be like stones,"- rustled the birch tree with its branches. "Besides the Creator ordered us to serve people."

"Dear birch, you have got such a pure heart, just like your bark – pure and snow-white," rustled the branches of the oak more softly. "Well, take them and teach them how to behave, teach them good morals, kindness and wisdom."

The children were going to object, but suddenly felt like they were flying through the air straight to the birch tree.

The boys regained consciousness, but each in different place. One turned into the roots of the birch as if he had merged with them; another turned into the trunk and branches; and the third – into birch's leaves. The children didn't even have enough time to come to their senses and understand what had happened before they heard the birch ordering them:

"Let's start woriking boys, let's do our work. We can't allow ourselves to waste even one moment - trees have to do so many jobs during summer!

As for you, roots, you have the following task: first, you must feed me with food which you have to absorb from the ground; secondly, you must attach me to mother earth and support me against storms and strong wind."

"But I cannot work day and night. I don't have enough power and energy to support such a huge birch," the first boy started to object.

"You just have to do it," answered the birch. "If I won't receive enough food, I will die. And if you won't do your best to try to support me to stand against bad weather then even he slightest wind will blow me over. And you also will die together with me."
Then the birch spoke to the trunk and branches:

"And your work, my new trunk, will be this: you'll have to look after and protect my branches, leaves and seeds, and at the same time you'll have to pass them the food which is taken from the ground by my roots. The bark that covers you is your clothes - protection against the cold, bad weather and illnesses. You should try to heal as soon as possible all the wounds made by those silly boys otherwise the fungi can get inside and slowly destroy you - you will start to decay and will die."

"My shoulder is so sore – that shoulder from which my branch was torn off. And where the boys cut with their knife – it is so painful," - complained the second boy.

"Trees never complain, instead they heal any wounds as soon as they can," - answered the birch, and then spoke to the leaves:

"You leaves, - my beauty and my pride - everyone admires you, especially in the spring, when after a long winter's dream you look so lovely, fresh, green and gentle. You, just like the roots, have to feed me, taking all the food you can from the air and sunlight. From this food extracted from air, and by means of the juices which have risen from roots, you'll have to develop different substances, from which I shall construct new layers of wood and new growth for the next year. But you'll have to hurry up and work day and night, as the autumn will come soon and you'll dry up."
"But I don't want to die in the autumn, it is very unfair, - I am still very young,""Besides I can't work day and night."
- the third boy tried to object. "There's nothing to be afraid of - all deciduous trees and even the keeper of a forest - a giant of an oak - all lose their leaves in the autumn. Only the needles on coniferous trees remain on through the winter," - explained the birch, and added "but if you, leaves, won't work, you will dry up immediately."

"Boys, here you are. What happened, did you fall asleep?" The teacher's voice seemed to come out of thin air, and the children found to their surprise that they had just woken up near the old oak tree in the forest glade.
"Please forgive us dear birch tree," whispered the first boy softly.
"You've got a very difficult life but still you are so kind. Thanks," - added the second boy.
And the third boy said nothing - he only stroked the birch's silver bark tenderly.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

This movie is so hilarious! I can't help but laugh so hard.Oh, how I wish you could watch it. It's a good movie, trust me..hahah!  

The Plot:

On the small island of Swallow Falls, the outcast boy Flint Lockwood is a clumsy inventor encouraged by his mother. However the island is not capable of exporting their sardine stocks, and the locals end up having to eat it all the time. Years later, Flint's mother dies and his skeptical father Tim Lockwood, an old fisherman who has a sardine store, gives Flint a partnership in his store and invites him to work there with him. 

But Flint, being the inventor that he is, has just invented a food processor that converts water into food. And He decides to test it out... but things don't go according to plan and he manages to launch it into the atmosphere. It begins to rain hamburgers and other food in the island. A television station sends a weather reporter trainee (Sam Sparks) to cover the phenomenon and Flint becomes famous. However, the greedy and glutton Mayor Shelbourne overworks the machine and the food becomes a menace to the human race. 

Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Boracay Island

Boracay Island Philippines

Boracay Island is the most famous and hottest travel destination in the Philippines. The famous Island is located in Aklan province South of Manila city. It is a beautiful island surrounded by coral reefs and located one kilometer north-west of Panay in the island Visayas and  7 kilometer long and 1 kilometer width at its narrowest point. 

The best part of Boracay Island is its " white sand beach" and some travelers claim it to be the "Finest Beach of all asia". The water is shallow, the sand is finer and there are about 350 beach hotel resorts with more than 2000 rooms to suit virtually everyone's taste. 

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all!

Breaking Up

Why Is it so hard to break up with someone? or why do we have to break a relationship?

There are always reasons why we have to break up a relationship.These are some common reasons why.

1. Loss of interest - Lots of couples lose interest in their partner. Maybe because the significant other loses also their interest on you. It maybe lose in interest sexually or emotionally, so if that happens or you have the instinct already then it's time to break up.

2. Found someone else - This is common among break ups if I'm not mistaken. We find another person who we are interested in, perhaps it maybe a friend or a colleague. If you have interest in someone else then it means you're not getting what you wanted from the current relationship that you have. 

Or that friend or colleague makes you more delighted than your significant other. It's time to talk it out. If talking it out doesn't help you out then maybe it's time to break up.

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