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photo from twirlingpages, check her IG now! Her shots are marvelous!

I know I haven't written anything for awhile, I'm not sure why I excuse myself on writing book reviews. I had read plenty of fantastic books and haven't gotten a chance to write a review. I spent my time reading so much that I slept around 1AM-2AM, it's kinda unhealthy though. I tried to skip reading for a whole day and spent my time watching TV or napping in which I am very much successful! I tried hard not to read during bedtime but I couldn't get myself to sleep. The reason why I'm reading so much because I decided to join Reading Challenge this year. I challenged myself to read at least 25 books for 2016. Genre of the books are random, I like to read interesting and mysterious plots. 

Booktube bloggers help me a lot on deciding what to read. I checked book reviews on Youtube and personally I love PeruseProject reviews, she loves reading YA historical fiction books. She convinced me to read Vicious by V.E. Schwab which I am currently reading and loving it! I look forward to reading Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Alire Sáenz, Benjamin which is also highly recommended from her. I watched book reviews first from Katytastic and Abookutopia, these booktubers are great at what they do. Most of the books they review are YA novels. I have discovered lots of booktubers because of the two and that includes PeruseProject, polandbananasBOOKS and jessethereader. Most of the books that I'm reading now are Young Adult novels, that's mainly because of them. I enjoyed watching their reviews, it makes me want to read more. I will share on my next post the books that I had read from January until this month. See yah!
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