Forest Park - Dahilayan

Finally, the day has come! We had pushed through in our outing!!! I had a great time in our team outing at Forest Park, Dahilayan. The weather is great!It was a sunny morning when we traveled last Saturday. We arrived around 10am and It was my first time there so I wasn't expecting the weather is chilly in the morning. Just imagine the coldness during nighttime. One thing I love is the view, I had fun taking photos as well. The place is like a paradise. However, we never got the chance to ride the zipline and buggy ride huhu. The next day, rain came pouring down on earth, it was visibility zero due to the thick fogs and it was super duper cold!To my surprise there were still people who are brave enough to went for a ride on the zipline. How I wish I could go back there.

bright and sunny weather on our first day!

Early evening in Dahilayan.

Our second day.

panorama shot :D

Dear Rain

It has been raining buckets for almost two weeks now. The Tropical Depression Agaton is moving slowly due to high pressures. I’m missing the warmth of sunlight and this cold weather is making me idle. The other week had passed and I missed to create my weekly challenge due to my busy schedule at work. Our team is planning to have a team outing at Dahilayan however due to the bad weather it was moved next weekend.

I definitely have no problem in this kind of weather, but 2 weeks of rain is really dreadful. Landslides here and there, people evacuating due to river rising, storm surge in bay areas and floods everywhere you turn. I prayed and hope that this bad weather will stop already; it hinders people’s businesses and work. Dear rain, can you please stop now?

yes, they won't.

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Update: First Week (Weekly Challenge)

The first week of weekly challenge is finally over. I am here to present an update on my weekly challenge.


1.  Drink Herbalife Shake twice a day - I failed on this one.  I started drinking shake Tuesday lunch time and I have managed to continue it until Thursday and Saturday, then I didn't have shake on Friday and Sunday. The thing is I only drink shake once a day.
2. Just 3tbsp of Rice - I did this!! but not a 100%. Last Sunday, I had a date with my boyfriend so I have two scoops of Rice in Tokyo-Tokyo haha! 90% completed the challenge cause I cheated for just a day.
3. Eat fruit twice a day - well, maybe 80% completed. We don't have enough fruits. No fruits by week-end.
4. Go back to Cardio Exercise -  80% failed! I had cardio for just two days in a row.  it was raining and the weather makes me idle.
5. No Sodas for this week. Just plain water or tea - 100% NO SODAS!!! Yay!!


1.Learn more about Japanese language - my score is 100%. Below are the videos!!

Monday:  - introduce yourself in japanese.
Tuesday: - basic greetings in japanese.
Wednesday: - more on basic greetings.
Thursday: - eat sushi the right way! ( now I know! hehe )
Friday: - How Much Do Manners Matter in Japan?
Saturday: - What Are Proper Mealtime Manners In Japan?
Sunday: - Japanese Body Language and Gestures Lesson 1

2. Write phrases, grammar or idioms - 80% accomplished. Below are phrases I have learned this week. 

Monday: lay off-Alone.  ex: Lay off it, already!
Tuesday:  run off - To leave someone without prior advice. ex: He ran off to France leaving her with all the debts and three children to bring up. 
Wednesday: pink slip - to get out of the job ex: I didn't know that his boss has given him a pink slip. Thursday: I forgot!haha!
Friday: rain cheque -any postponement, especially of an offer.
ex: Your son can't make it, he says he'll take a rain cheque" Rocky Balboa.
Saturday: take offline - Discuss a sensitive or highly specific topic individually or in a small group away from a larger group. 
ex: Let's take this discussion of the paper towel dispensers offline.
Sunday: I totally forgot! 

3. No FB for a week - Well, I tried not to check FB but I have to upload photos for my Papa's birthday since my sister is waiting for the photos. I also checked my boyfriends FB, he tagged me sweet messages and I can't resist not to check it. wew. I failed on this one.

4. Write something for my: Things to do before I'm 25 - This is just a rough draft. I think I have so much things I wanna do before I'm 25 and I'm still in the process of thinking what are those haha! Check it out below:

Get a Passport - check!
Get SSS, Pag-ibig and Tin #.
Water Rafting.
Zipline in Dahilayan.

Go to Dahilayan Adventure Park and Gardens & Resort -check!
Go to Dakak!
Travel Abroad ( i'm not sure where but let's see hehe)

I have to lose 35 lbs before I am 25. hahaha!

5. Write Appreciation Daily - I don't have a jar but I have a box of appreciation. I have a box of tissue here and an idea just light up! Why would I need a jar when I have a box? haha! talking about being resourceful eh?  90% completed this challenge since I have to write my sunday appreciation today. haha!

Yay! My 1st week is not good but it's not that bad too. At least, I have accomplished something and made myself proud weeeeee. What a  productive week and I am planning to continue it. Another weekly challenge will be posted.  

Weekly Challenges: First Week

Jan 6, 2014

Today’s the first day of my weekly challenge and I will do this one baby step at a time.  Below are the challenges.


Drink Herbalife Shake twice a day.
Just 3-tbsp of Rice.
Eat fruit at least twice a day, preferably before or after eating or snack time.
Go back to Cardio Exercise.  I will exercise between 4-5pm each day or if I wake up early the better, 6x a week since Sunday would be my rest day.
No Sodas for this week. Just plain water or tea!

Learn more about Japanese language (post a youtube video)
Write phrases,  grammar or idioms here. Just interesting matter. Basta may sense and substance!
No FB for a week! (kaya?) hahahaha!
Write something for my: Things to do before I’m 25.
Write appreciation daily! I am looking for a jar and found one in all things at 88, but I don’t want a large size jar. My table cannot accommodate it; I will look for a small one.

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Not so Vintage

I was searching for gangnam sytle cover in youtube and look what I've found!

The song cover is amazing!! They are so freaking awesome!!!! I love their rendition and arrangement of the song. It was really vintage, not to mention I adore the 1920s fashion. Do you agree? They have plenty of cover songs with a vintage twist on it. I was totally having fun listening to it. The video below was a song cover from Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop. Have fun! hehe

Challenges and Changes for 2014

This is my first post for 2014. I was thinking of, no- not New Year’s resolutions rather I want to challenge my-self every month. I was inspired by Zen Habit’s post to create 12 changes for this year.  Well, it says that you have to make one change at a time for maximum effectiveness.  So it would be one change per month and that would be exactly 12 changes for this year. I was thinking though what would be these changes I want to achieve. He suggested some changes on his blog and that’s very helpful. It provided me ideas on how to start this challenge uhmm starting this month.

Read more Books – I would love to start this one by reading book series. I have plenty of books here at home. I purchased them last year. I honestly hoard books for pleasure. I mean, they are one of my guilty pleasures. I just can’t stop buying them.

Be financially literate – that means I should be reading finance book from now on. Actually, I bought two financial books. I should be working seriously on my finances. My 2013 financial status is not that good so I have to scrutinize everything and work on my budgeting, savings etc.

Exercise – I have to go back to Pilates and Cardio.

Mindful Eating – I was thinking on creating a weekly challenge for this. For instance, no refined carbs for a week or no sodas, no candies, no sweets, no fastfoods. Haha! I can think of many things but that’s all for now. *wink*

Learn something new every day – I wrote this one on my small goals.  I want to learn Japanese, Korean, Italian and Spanish languages per week.  Learn more about phrases and grammar weekly and take note of those.

Eat more fruits and vegetables – Clean Eating. I want to test myself by creating challenges every week, check out  #4.

Unprocrastination – weekly challenges maybe? No TV, no FB, no napping? hmmm

Wake-up early – see #3 for the reason.

Create my: Things To Do before I'm 25.

Write frequently – post on my blog every week.

Appreciation Jar – I have to buy an empty jar.

Be original and try to create more memories (take more photos)!

 penguin motivation. figthing!

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