Forest Park - Dahilayan

Finally, the day has come! We had pushed through in our outing!!! I had a great time in our team outing at Forest Park, Dahilayan. The weather is great!It was a sunny morning when we traveled last Saturday. We arrived around 10am and It was my first time there so I wasn't expecting the weather is chilly in the morning. Just imagine the coldness during nighttime. One thing I love is the view, I had fun taking photos as well. The place is like a paradise. However, we never got the chance to ride the zipline and buggy ride huhu. The next day, rain came pouring down on earth, it was visibility zero due to the thick fogs and it was super duper cold!To my surprise there were still people who are brave enough to went for a ride on the zipline. How I wish I could go back there.

bright and sunny weather on our first day!

Early evening in Dahilayan.

Our second day.

panorama shot :D

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