Happy Christmas!

This is actually a late Christmas post since I was out of town during Christmas and I want to be offline for awhile. I wanted to greet everyone a Happy Christmas!! I hope your holiday is full of fun and happiness with your loved ones. I celebrated my Christmas in my hometown, with my family, nieces and little brother. We had fun during dinner but everyone's tired after the mass so they opted to sleep early around 12am. I was tired and sleepy too while waiting for my boypran's text so I decided to read the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (i might post a review), to remind myself that I have to stay awake. I had a wonderful time reading the book, it was really diverting. Finally, when my boypran greeted me through a call, it was time for me to sleep. 

He wants to celebrate Christmas with me but there are firecrackers everywhere and it's dangerous for him to travel, so I told him to stay put. I felt bad when he told me that he really wanted to go to my place and light the sparkler firework with me, but I told him I was sorry. I understand that he might be sad since it was his first Christmas with me. He was away for a year for work. Anyhow, I think my daily intake of calories during this holiday season is building up, I lost my count! And I feel heavy already, I have to control my eating. I can't help it really! my mother is the best cook, I love her Hamonada that's why I ended up eating a lot of rice *shoots*. I'll try to eat less this New Year since I can't exercise for now, I was ill lately and I'm still recovering. I will do my own cardio next week which is next year 2013. hehe. I have not much time to capture a photo during that time so I searched Google for a giant and extravagant Christmas tree! Ever since the world began, it's not mandatory for us to place gifts under a Christmas tree, that's how our parents raised us. We don't have that much but we have enough. Maybe someday when I have my own family, I'll try my best to place gifts under the Christmas tree for my children. There's something about Christmas that makes my heart warm and its a strange feeling even  now. Do you feel the same? I hope everyone have fun this holiday season which I believe God created to bring family closer together, it's time to relax and enjoy good things in life. He wants us to be happy and appreciate the things He has given us. Merry New Year in advance to all! God Bless your pure heart.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Cast: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller
Director and Writer: Stephen Chbosky
Genre: Drama/Romance
Setting: 1991-1992 school year

I have plans long ago to read this book however I was busy hoarding other books. Hehe. Finally I watched this movie and I can’t even describe an adjective for this. The story is about a young lad Charlie. He is a freshman and describes his daily activities in school but he wrote it on a private diary. He’s having a hard time coping up with his other classmates and didn’t even have a single friend on the 1st day. He is an introvert, reserve and quiet young boy. He was a smart kid though; he loves literature and has good taste on music.

Charlie met two seniors Patrick and her step-sister Sam. Sam and Patrick were his best buddies during his freshman year. Charlie experienced his 1st date, 1st kiss and his 1st experienced on drugs and drinking. He has a wonderful and supportive family. He enjoys going out with his friends though they’re seniors they never treated him different. He has a crush on Sam however he only showed these through mix tapes that he made especially for her. But Charlie has a secret that he repressed all through his life and his family does not know about it. They thought it was because of what happened to his best friend who committed suicide but it was more than that. At the end of the movie he has a mental breakdown and got hospitalized. But Charlie’s life is just beginning to unfold before his eyes and finally opening himself to the real world. And that he’s not gonna be a wallflower again.

I would agree that this is a modern classic movie. It was striking and will keep you on the edge of your seat. I was however loves Patrick character here played by Ezra Miller from We Need to Talk about Kevin movie which is also great one. He is truly a promising actor I didn't expect he was that flexible handling different roles. I admired him so much; he has a bright future ahead of him. Sam played by our very own Hermione in Harry Potter series, Emma Watson. She blooms into a very good actress. The protagonist Charlie is played by Logan Lerman from Percy Jackson. I haven’t watched a lot of his movies and can’t judge his way of acting but on this movie he has potential. For me character, cinematography and story wise it was absolutely perfect. This movie deserves an award.  I have to read it now to see if it does great justice to the book. 10 stars for this!

My Christmas Wish-List

It's Christmas time again! I love Christmas holidays not because of gifts but rather I love celebrating it with my family and finally the love of my life will celebrate it with me. Anyway, my lovely dearest friend sheena tagged me this one. I have to list at least 6 Christmas wishlists I wish to receive. I actually have a wishlist, now is the prefect time to jot them down here on my blog. TADA!!!

photo from: tabulyo

1. Tutum sandals/shoes, Suelas shoes. I'm a shoe addict!A compulsive buyer sometimes, I can't help it! haha! Any of these will make me extremely happy. Someday I wanna have a shoe rack full of these but I wanna buy other brands too. *wishin* :P

2. Kindle Fire! This is my all time wish haha! I love reading books, it maybe in a form of pdf file, paperbacks or hardcover ones, I'd be ecstatic to have this. I can't even describe how I love this gadget. It has an audio so I can listen to my fave songs, watch a movie and even skyping. 

photos credited to owners

3. A Bike. Though recently I just learned how to ride one with the help of my boypran hehe. I love riding a bike. It's full of joy! One good way to exercise too which is a must for me. 

photo credits to owner :) 
4. More blessings to come (family, relatives, loved ones and friends). 
5. A healthy and abundant year (family, relatives, loved ones and friends).
6. Lastly, World Peace (always praying). 

Okay, that's all! I wish I could have at least one of them this coming Christmas which I think is really impossible haha! Anyway, I just keep on crossing my toes for them to come true. Maybe not this year but there's still another year coming and hey it's not yet ending on Dec. 21st, it's not funny anymore. This is kinda exaggerating and annoying lately. Thanks shenani for this hehe I had so much fun.

Pitch Perfect: Get Pitch Slapped

Ever since I love musical movies but this is by far the great movie this year. Pitch Perfect plot is all about an all-girls a-capella group The Bellas at Barden University. They failed to win the finals so they forced to regroup and recruit some freshmen’s.  Beca played by Anna Kendrick, is one of their new recruit. She’s an aspiring DJ, she can create mashup songs very well, and that’s kinda awesome. 

I can’t believe she can sing so well too. She was discovered by one of the members in the bathroom while she was singing Titanium by David Guetta.  However, something is wrong with the Bellas aca performance and  Beca's great challenge is how to set them apart from other a-capella groups to finally win the finals.

This is actually the greatest movie ever this year. It has an excellent arrangement of songs. The voices are powerful and not to mention this is a fun movie. I have big laughs while watching this especially the audition part. Here's Beca's audition, 

It'sa long gif so I'm cutting it short so just watch the movie. (credit goes to the owner)

At first, I was kind of thinking that this might be like the TV series Glee and I am not a fan of that series. This is way more A+ than Glee, IMO. If you are a music lover you’ll definitely love this. And oh!! the characters are super hilarious. I love the riff-off and ending part. I had goose bumps every time I hear them singing. After watching this movie, I turn on my playlist and sang like I am the only one in the house haha! Aca-believe it.

Cloudy days don't last forever

Yesterday the Typhoon Pablo (international name BOPHA) hits CDO, the city where I was currently living. Not just CDO but all over Mindanao and Visayas. Its the 16th storm here in our country already. The aftermath of the storm is not the same as Sendong since people are more aware that a super typhoon is coming. People are more ready and evacuated already knowing that this storm will hit hard. I'm happy knowing that  there are zero casualties here in CDO however houses were flooded near the river. 

The storm brought heavy rain and strong wind. Good thing my phone batteries are full, I can still contact my friends and loved ones however the signal is choppy. I managed to took a photo that time.

heavy rain outside, the roof in our store took flight because of the strong wind.

I took these photos after the storm.

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