Cloudy days don't last forever

Yesterday the Typhoon Pablo (international name BOPHA) hits CDO, the city where I was currently living. Not just CDO but all over Mindanao and Visayas. Its the 16th storm here in our country already. The aftermath of the storm is not the same as Sendong since people are more aware that a super typhoon is coming. People are more ready and evacuated already knowing that this storm will hit hard. I'm happy knowing that  there are zero casualties here in CDO however houses were flooded near the river. 

The storm brought heavy rain and strong wind. Good thing my phone batteries are full, I can still contact my friends and loved ones however the signal is choppy. I managed to took a photo that time.

heavy rain outside, the roof in our store took flight because of the strong wind.

I took these photos after the storm.

And today the sun came out! We already have electricity and water. God is so good and powerful. Thank you so much Almighty Father for everything. I am beyond thankful for everything. The sun shines brightly today and this new day is a new beginning for all the people. And I always believe that "cloudy days don't last forever".



  1. yay! I took photos too! but of myself! hahaha gonna post it soon. bwaahaha. It felt good to know we have zero casualties. THank you Lord. I love your lost photo with the sun. haha

    1. hehe, I can't wait for your post haha! I took one photo of me but I can't post it here, crappy photo hate it. hehe..HAHA! I love the gif as well.


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