Mantianak Botanical Garden and Zoological Park

Last Sunday, we had a great adventure in Mantinanak, SugbongCogon. It was my first time to be there and I am excited to finally meet the Siberian tigers! Yes they are pretty huge and so cute. They look so cute but they're dangerous. 

look at them, aren't they cute? The other one was sleeping. The weather is just too hot that  day.

This tiger is the biggest of them. Scary but cute.
My nephew loves these tigers. He wanted to see them over and over again. We are tired of walking already, the place is huge since it has a lot of animals. 

These includes parrots,eagles, ostrich,snakes,sheep,goats,fishes, crocodiles,chickens,monkeys,deer and dogs. They also have this cute pony.

When in Rome

"The whole point of love is to put someone else's needs above your own"


Beth was unlucky when it comes to love. She’s a young hardworking New Yorker.  She feels hopeless after a terrible heartache. When she went to Rome to attend her sister’s wedding, she met the best man of the groom Nick. Well, they have a good start, obviously Nick was attracted to her and she felt the same. But when she saw Nick kissing with other woman, she realized she was stupid for flirting with him.

So she went to the Fountain of Love, drunk and her impulse told her to pick up those coins in the fountain. The Fountain of Love is a fountain where people throw coins and wish for their true love to come. – That’s kinda cute. Hehe.  Anyway, when she’s back in New York, Nick was calling her, wanted to ask her out and some weird guys was stalking her, giving her gifts and flowers. It was said that in the legend if you take a coin out of the fountain the person who threw it will fall in-love to the person who took the coin. She realized then that she made a big mistake.  Now, she has to found a way to break the curse. Beth was attracted to Nick but she doubts that maybe Nick was under the spell, since she got the poker chip that was thrown in the fountain. Is it love or is it because of the spell?

Palm Sunday and Facing the Giants

PALM SUNDAY. It has been a year that I went to church alone with the similar event. This year, I'm unaccompanied again. Well, it’s not that bad to be alone sometimes. 

Alone but not lonely or sad.  I decided to attend church on the evening instead in the morning. I usually woke up late in a Sunday morning. Good thing, my mama and my little brother went early for mass. They have a blessed palm branch when they got home.

One reason why I decided to attend mass late is that I want to watch the movie Facing the Giants in the afternoon. It was a recommended movie and it has a good rating in IMDB. Facing the Giants is truly an inspiring movie. The situation in the movie was realistic; you can have the same problem like Coach Grant has. You are bombarded with a lot of problems in life that makes you want to give up. 

He was having a bad year being a coach in the football team and the school board members want him out, worst thing is he discovered that he was sterile; he is driving a beat up car and had a lot of problems at home. But he didn’t lose hope, instead he asked God for guidance, direction and strength to overcome his fears and problems he was currently facing.

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