When in Rome

"The whole point of love is to put someone else's needs above your own"


Beth was unlucky when it comes to love. She’s a young hardworking New Yorker.  She feels hopeless after a terrible heartache. When she went to Rome to attend her sister’s wedding, she met the best man of the groom Nick. Well, they have a good start, obviously Nick was attracted to her and she felt the same. But when she saw Nick kissing with other woman, she realized she was stupid for flirting with him.

So she went to the Fountain of Love, drunk and her impulse told her to pick up those coins in the fountain. The Fountain of Love is a fountain where people throw coins and wish for their true love to come. – That’s kinda cute. Hehe.  Anyway, when she’s back in New York, Nick was calling her, wanted to ask her out and some weird guys was stalking her, giving her gifts and flowers. It was said that in the legend if you take a coin out of the fountain the person who threw it will fall in-love to the person who took the coin. She realized then that she made a big mistake.  Now, she has to found a way to break the curse. Beth was attracted to Nick but she doubts that maybe Nick was under the spell, since she got the poker chip that was thrown in the fountain. Is it love or is it because of the spell?

I really had fun watching this movie. The movie was funny and charming. The characters are hilarious; especially the weird guys, the model, magician, painter and the divorced guy who loves to give presents.  Nick was totally awkward but sweet. Haha! I love this part. A Father and daughter conversation. 

Beth: Dad. When you married Mom, did you ever think that you wouldn't make it? 
Beth's Dad: Elizabeth Ann. Honey, you cannot learn from my mistakes. You're going to have to go out there and make your own. Now, you could get your heart broken or you could have the greatest love affair the world has ever known, but you're not going to know unless you try. 
Beth : But what if there was a guarantee that you'd never get hurt. 
Beth's Dad : Baby... the passion is in the risk. It's like I always say, If you're going to be a bear... 
Beth : Be a grizzly 

There are really no guarantees in life. You just have to be ready and after all life's too short. Be happy and live life with a grateful heart. 


  1. İzdihër: You should! ;)

  2. hehehe..I agree sissy..there are no guarantees in life but we can't know if it is really for us if we won't try..being hurt is a part of our maturity on how we can handle things when it comes our way..life is boring when all things works out..visiting you sissy ;)

  3. And couldn't agree more with you sissy, sometimes we have to take that leap of faith. :)


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