Series I want to read

Below are book series that I want to read. Maybe I'll start reading some of these on December because of the long holidays. I've started reading the 2nd book of the Giver Quartet titled The Gathering Blue. All of these books fall under the Young Adult Fiction Category.

Shatter Me Series Books by Tahereh Mafi 

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Reading Book Series

A lot of things had happened, long days of worry and stressful months. I need a break! Its been really hard meditating lately and the troubles in my mind urged me to look for a sanctuary. I've found my refuge through reading. The best way to break-up with the blues is to read. Been back to serious reading and had managed to finish three books series.

The Hunger Games Novel Series

I love this series so much. I'm torn between Divergent and this one but definitely Hunger Games is my number one favorite. Katniss is a bad-ass heroine, I love her! The best book for me on this series is Catching Fire. 

The Selection Series 

Recommended by a friend and it made me really curious. The series is like the reality show The Bachelor but he's not just an ordinary guy, he is a Prince. Prince Maxon is looking for a wife and the only way is through Selection. This novel series is consists of five books. But for me, it ended on The One, which is the third book. I like the series since it was really entertaining but there are parts where I hate America (main protagonist).

UPDATE:25 Things to do before my 25th Birthday!

As you know, I've celebrated my 25th birthday last June (I'm still on my youth years, YAY! holding on). We have a team outing (sponsored) and traveled to Camiguin. I had a great time on our team outing despite the depressing thought that I had a period during the whole trip (what a KJ)! Anyway, it was a happy one cause my bananey was there (。♥‿♥。).   Below is an update to my to do lists before my 25th Birthday.

Summer GetAway: Surigao Del Sur

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I've been wanting to travel and visit Surigao since last year. I have posted somewhere here on my blog that I should travel there before my 25th birthday. Why Surigao? I have a cousin from Butuan who went to Enchanted River and I couldn't help but admire its beauty. The travel was supposed to be by June with my cousin however she's pregnant and not permitted to travel. CDO Travel and Tours have a cheap promo for the summer. I told my friends at work after I found out about the promo and they love it.

blogger update

I know it's been an awfully long time I've posted something on my blog. I haven't got time to write a worthy post. I've been trying to juggle my time with work, love-life & some personal stuffs. I'm so happy and excited that the love of my life is finally home!!! I truly missed him so much that I wanted to see him every single day. I wanted to make sure that we spend quality time together before he goes back to work again. I love it when he's around. I just can't describe the overwhelming happiness when I'm with him. I'm soooo cheesy LOL! Anyway, since it's summer here in my country, I have arranged a summer getaway with my boyfie. I will be out of town again! Last April, I went to Camiguin Island with my family during the Easter week holiday, maybe I'll post something about it. I will update my blog soon with my summer getaway adventures. I'll be right back so stay tuned!

Paulo Coelho: The Alchemist

The book started about a dream of a boy named Santiago. He is contented with his life as an Andalusian shepherd in Spain until one day he has a recurring dream about finding a hidden treasure in the Pyramids. His curiosity urges him to seek someone to interpret this dream. He found a Gypsy who told him that dreams are prophecies that he must act and follow it. However, Santiago is happy being a shepherd and seeking treasure is not his cup of tea. Santiago meets a man named Melchizedek the King of Salem, who talks to him about Personal Legends and omen. Santiago was surprised that the King is able to read what’s on his mind. He told Santiago to pursue his Personal Legend and gives him two stones, Urim and Thummim which can interpret omens. Overwhelmed, Santiago decided to sell his flock and purchase a ticket to Tangier in Northern Africa.

He arrives in Africa but the odds are not on his favor when a thief steals all his money. He was devastated but with the help of stones that can interpret omens he decided to move on and look for ways to earn money so that he can return home. Santiago finds a work in a crystal shop. The shop owned by the merchant ventures a huge financial success. Santiago earns plenty of money to buy a flock of sheep and return home. The crystal merchant’s desire is to go to Mecca however decided not to pursue it. Santiago realizes that he can always go back to being a shepherd but he will not always be able to visit the Pyramids. He decided to move forward to fulfill his Personal Legend.

Santiago joins a caravan traveling to Egypt and meets an Englishman who wants to learn the secret of alchemy from a famous alchemist. He befriended the Englishman and learns about alchemy through his books. While traveling, Santiago learns the Soul of the World. They arrived in an oasis where he meets an Arab girl named Fatima and falls in love with her. The caravan leader told the travelers that the tribal war prevents them from continuing their journey. Santiago wanders through the oasis; he instantly recognized an omen and saw a vision of armies entering the oasis. He hurriedly told the tribal chieftain about his vision and they prepared for the invasion. Afterwards, Santiago confronted by the Alchemist and offers him to cross the desert going to the Pyramid with his aid.

Building an Emergency Fund

I’ve started investing already and one thing that I forgot is to save my own emergency fund. I know it should be first on my lists! I’ve heard how essential it is to have one. Emergency fund should be a very liquid amount where you can pull out anytime in case of emergencies (of course from the word itself). It is an unexpected event that may require immediate consideration. Examples for emergency situations are: Medical Emergency, Job loss and Property loss.

The Buffer fund (that’s what I call it) should amount to 3-6 months worth of your total monthly expenses. Why expenses? Your Income and Savings may stop but sadly not the expenses. Let’s say if you get sick, you need to go to the hospital, your income will stop and we all know that no work - no pay, right?  Also, in case you lost your job and you may have to maintain your current lifestyle. What if, at that point in time you’re still paying a debt? That’s a huge financial loss! This fund should be separated to your savings account.


What is Happiness? According to Wikipedia, Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. People from various backgrounds and cultures have different definitions of it. I believe there is more to it than just a mental or emotional state, I can't even describe it completely. 

While reading the book Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert (totally savoring each chapters of the book!), she describes it as a consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, and insist upon it.    

I totally believe it's true, when you find that happiness you've been looking for throughout your life, you'll do anything to keep it.  Happiness can mean many different things to others. We all have our own perspective to what it should be. Everyone desires happiness. 

As for me, I know that happiness is within reach, you just have to open your eyes to everyday blessings, you just have to be grateful for everything that you have and will come. Look within yourself what makes you happy and contented. God Bless. 

Year Review: 2014

Time flew by like a blink of an eye. I should have posted this last week but I keep on procrastinating HAHA! Nothing has changed. I've been a busy bee lately so don't judge LOL

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