Summer GetAway: Surigao Del Sur

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I've been wanting to travel and visit Surigao since last year. I have posted somewhere here on my blog that I should travel there before my 25th birthday. Why Surigao? I have a cousin from Butuan who went to Enchanted River and I couldn't help but admire its beauty. The travel was supposed to be by June with my cousin however she's pregnant and not permitted to travel. CDO Travel and Tours have a cheap promo for the summer. I told my friends at work after I found out about the promo and they love it.

The travel & tours have our itinerary ready and it was a 3 days-2 nights trip. A friend from work arranged it with the tour company. The travel time is around 2AM in the morning. Two Grandia vans will take us to Surigao. I'm extremely happy that my boyfriend is with me on this travel. I wanted to travel with him since he's not around most of the time. It was a long ride but I don't mind since I just sleep the whole time, that's what I do best. I minimize drinking a lot of water during the travel as well since my bladder can't contain the water that longer. We have a quick stop at Jollibee Butuan to have breakfast. A few minutes away from our accommodation, the tour guide suggested that we should take a look at the new tourist spot in Lianga, Surigao. Since, we are a bit early for the check-in time, we've all decided to have a look. The tour guide explains that this new tourist spot is called Pocto Cave. The Pocto Cave is not yet ready for tourists. From the highway, you have to walk through the wilderness. 

credits to Joevel :) 

credits to Joevel :) 
When my boyfriend and I finally entered the cave, I was tense. I felt uneasy, I clinged to my boyfriend the whole time we're inside. The place is spooky, we have questions that can't be answered by the locals, I dunno, I just remembered the movie The Descent the whole time I'm in there. When we got outside, our companions bought some coconuts, thank heavens! I'm quite thirsty and hungry that time so it was a life a saver.

After the tiring adventure at Pocto, we arrived safe and sound at Mac Arthurs Place, Britania, Surigao. 

credits to Joevel :)

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