Story 1: Herbalife Journey

I've started using this product last year when an office friend introduced me to try the product. I was really worried about my health that time. I have a lot of health problems, maybe because the nature of my work and my bad eating habits. I am overweight, have headaches like almost everyday, low energy, suffer from constipation and dysmenorrhea.

At first I was kind of hesitant to use the product. Later on, when one of my office friend gained result from using the product, I was surprised, so I decided to use it. The Herbalife product that I was taking that time was the Herbalife Shake. Since I was planning to lose weight and it was a meal replacement which means if you want to gain result you have to substitute one or two of your three meals with the healthy meal nutritional shake. 

That time, I have substitute my lunch with the nutritional shake. At the office there was a weighing scale so I make sure to measure my weight every week. After a week using the product I have lost 2 kilos which is 4lbs already. I was really amazed! at that time I weighed 143 lbs. I continued using it for another week and lost another 4 lbs. I said to myself, this is really effective. That time I decided to use it everyday but suddenly happened that ended my consumption of the herbalife shake.

Whale you be my valentine?

I had just a funny conversation with my mother early this morning. She was just concerned about me, I can't totally blame her though. Yay! I forgot to greet her today, anyway she can't blame me too, it's too early in the morning and my brain cells are adjusting to normal phase. I dunno but all I know is that no matter what happen, I'd still want to try, to get hurt just to fall in-love all over again. weeeeeeee, I don't want to be in drama mode today haha! I want to be happy since it is so nice to be happy. 

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