Story 1: Herbalife Journey

I've started using this product last year when an office friend introduced me to try the product. I was really worried about my health that time. I have a lot of health problems, maybe because the nature of my work and my bad eating habits. I am overweight, have headaches like almost everyday, low energy, suffer from constipation and dysmenorrhea.

At first I was kind of hesitant to use the product. Later on, when one of my office friend gained result from using the product, I was surprised, so I decided to use it. The Herbalife product that I was taking that time was the Herbalife Shake. Since I was planning to lose weight and it was a meal replacement which means if you want to gain result you have to substitute one or two of your three meals with the healthy meal nutritional shake. 

That time, I have substitute my lunch with the nutritional shake. At the office there was a weighing scale so I make sure to measure my weight every week. After a week using the product I have lost 2 kilos which is 4lbs already. I was really amazed! at that time I weighed 143 lbs. I continued using it for another week and lost another 4 lbs. I said to myself, this is really effective. That time I decided to use it everyday but suddenly happened that ended my consumption of the herbalife shake.

Now, I decided to take the weight management seriously. I have started using again the herbalife shake just this month. So far, the results are amazing. I have no constipation, I have a lot of energy, I no longer have headaches. I am just starting in my weight loss program. I have heard plenty of testimonials  since I was actively joining their events and they have speakers from Manila which are using the product too and I was inspired by their transformation. I have learned that the shake has more nutrients than the daily breakfast I usually eat. It has more vitamins, minerals and calcium. It has 0 trans fats. It comes with three delicious flavors, French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate and Strawberry. So far I love the Chocolate, my nephew loves it too.

They have a lot of amazing products and testimonials from people that they've been sick for a long time and the products help them to bring back their health.  Some of them has thyroid problems, diabetes and high blood pressures. To know more about herbalife products, please visit their website Herbalife. I am eager to help someone who are struggling losing and gaining weight. I hope I could help you in a way that I can. I will keep in touch in my weight management program and will post my before and after picture soonest. 


  1. weeeeeeeeee..sissy so 24-34-24 na ang figure?

    thank you sissy for this info. I will visit the link you have provided and see if I can have something for my heart..for my diet kasi it includes lots of I eat various fruits everyday..

    I'm glad you are into it sissy and with your busy is more suitable for you..just drink it rather than munching fruits like me though yes fruits are more natural hehehe..Ate needs it to be strong..passing by sissy *hugs* ;)

  2. This is a great but tough process.........wishing you all the best in your weight loss program dear!
    Looking forward reading more. xx

  3. @Sie, sissy, malapit na mang 24-34-24..hihi,pls do sissy, it might help you in your heart problem. You will be amazed sissy with the results. There are people using the product in Manila, truly ang galing nung product at di lang yun business din sya sissy. I hope you could join one of their events to know more about the product.I will post my Herbalife Journey in my blog. xxoo. take care always sissy.

  4. @Marie, yes it was indeed tough marie but I am really determined so anything is possible. hehe.. Thank you so much for being here. I will post more, more to come in the next few days..xx :)


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