Business Casual Day!

Last week we had a fun business casual day photo-shoot! It's my 1st time to join this kind of pictorial though so I have to wear something smart casual. hehe As usual, I really don't know what I should wear for that day so I need help from Google. I've found a lot of sites and search youtube as well but this site really caught my attention. The photos below are my inspiration for that pictorial day.

I have this addiction to dresses lately (no idea why?) and I had never thought this is a good business casual attire. I don't know much about these since I'm completely happy with my jeggings and blouse combined. I like the dress and the cardigan combination here,this is perfect since it will not show my fatty arms haha!

I like this one too but when I saw the photo above I opted to wear the dress with a cardigan ^_^ 

I wanted to wear this one for the next photo session, corporate attire! but it was hard to find the upper corporate attire blouse lol I'm not sure what to call it. So I just decided to buy a blazer. I just wore a white blouse and pencil skirt covered with blazer. I look like having an interview with a client haha!

source of photos above: outfitposts

Behold! This is my final outfit for that business casual day photo session.

What do you think? haha! My boyfriend requested to upload my photos on fb, so I requested a friend to took me a shot so that I could tag my boypran with these photos. hehe. I never got the chance to have a solo picture of me wearing the corpo attire since I was kind of not into it that day, maybe i'm just tired. hehe

boosting my immune system

I've been getting sick lately and constantly had a bad cold, blame it to the bipolar weather *sigh*. I think it is because of my weak immune system. I've been sedentary lately and eating unhealthy foods, maybe that's the reason why i have a weak immune system. huhu I don't want to discuss the science of immune system here since you can search google for that. I want to boost my immune system and below are simple things that I should remind myself to do. I don't want to catch another cold if one of my colleague have one. 

1. Exercise - im back to sedentary lifestyle again! but I started to do cardio work out however it lasted for only 6 mins haha! and that is only the warm The day after I worked out, totally sore all over my legs. I stopped working out for a month and I've been working really hard lately and napping in between.  I should start working out now.


2. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
3. Sleep well - but I am sleeping pretty well hmmm.


4. Drink a lot of water - I am a monster drinker when it comes to water, 2-3 liters a day!


I thinks these are good for now. If you have more ideas, I would like to hear from you ^_^

Holding Chopsticks

I got a pasalubong chopstick last september from a very dear friend.  The chopstick is quite different though since she bought it from Thailand. I find it really unique as well. The problem is, I don't know how to use it. I love Japanese food so much but I usually used spoon and fork every time I eat out on a Japanese restaurant. haha! One of my colleague taught me how but I can't seem to get it right. I should start reading holding chopsticks for dummies harhar! Anyway, I found these tips. 

Basics: How to Hold Chopsticks:

  • Hold the upper chopstick with the index finger, the middle finger, and the thumb.
  • Put the other chopstick between the bottom of the thumb and the tip of the ring finger.
  • Move the upper chopstick only when you pick up food. 

I guess the gif above would be a great help to those who wants to learn too ^_^

P.S: my first post for this month!Tomorrow's my momma's birthday! I love you momma so much :*
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