Pretty Special Day!

It's my birthday! This post is a bit late. I've been kind of busy yesterday so I forgot. hehe. My tummy is unwell yesterday so I didn't eat that much. Happy to know that my one and only is there for me. I fell asleep while we're talking hihi. 

I am forever grateful to Father God for all the blessings. I just want to thank you just for loving me so much.

Happy Birthday to me! :) 


What I love about US.

I love how patient you are with me especially when I'm not in the mood.
I love how you never cease to make me laugh and make me smile. 
I love it when you remember the things I have told you even though I can't remember most of them. 
I love it every-time we look at each other so tenderly. 
I love it when you hug me so tight and I hug you back super tight.
I love it how you say my name.
I love it when we kiss and hug each other after a small fight/misunderstanding. 
I love how you touch my hair when we kiss and told me how much you love me.
I love how comfortable we are around each other. 
I so love how we can tease and make fun of each other, like we're best of friends. 
I love your sweet text messages, the thoughts and words are kilig to the ribs. 
I love the efforts you are making just to make sure I'm fine when I'm in an awkward moment. 

I love the feeling of loving you. I want you to know that I love you this BIG. The feelings I have for you overflows everytime I see you, everytime I see that lovely smile and everytime I look into your eyes.


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