What I love about US.

I love how patient you are with me especially when I'm not in the mood.
I love how you never cease to make me laugh and make me smile. 
I love it when you remember the things I have told you even though I can't remember most of them. 
I love it every-time we look at each other so tenderly. 
I love it when you hug me so tight and I hug you back super tight.
I love it how you say my name.
I love it when we kiss and hug each other after a small fight/misunderstanding. 
I love how you touch my hair when we kiss and told me how much you love me.
I love how comfortable we are around each other. 
I so love how we can tease and make fun of each other, like we're best of friends. 
I love your sweet text messages, the thoughts and words are kilig to the ribs. 
I love the efforts you are making just to make sure I'm fine when I'm in an awkward moment. 

I love the feeling of loving you. I want you to know that I love you this BIG. The feelings I have for you overflows everytime I see you, everytime I see that lovely smile and everytime I look into your eyes.




  1. super giggle giggle with a wiggle hahaha..how I wish I could feel the same too sissy..it is so great when you feel that special someone loving you in return..I hope I will experience the same thing too soon in real life..for now I'll just wait until he decided to finally have time and come..*teary eyed*..I am just missing my hon each day sissy but I can't do anything naman but wait..hay mahal ko talaga kasi..

    hay don't mind Ate..just be happy sissy and you deserve to be happy and I know you are now because of him..God bless you both sissy ;)

  2. Aw, this is so sweet chang. oieeeeeee.

  3. ..Chang2x..ui ui ui..soo happy for you..xoxo

  4. @Sie: sissssssy *kilig mode* You know what I'm sure your hon is just busy. I know soonest he'll hug you so tight and kiss you endlessly. The feeling is so amazing sissy. I was kind of sad since he will work again duon sa malayong lugar hehe. muaah! pls take care always.

  5. @sheena and yhadz: weeeeeeeeeee super-nice-feeling-ang-feeling-gana-muligid. hehe *kisses*


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