The wonders of drinking water


I love reading this kind of stuffs and obsessed to know more about some healthy advice.  I found a lot on tumblr, people who motivates other people especially when it comes to losing weight. I found a lot of exercise links, photos and a lot of squat pictures which is totally amazing. I'm not obsessed to have a skinny body; I just want to be healthy by getting my ideal weight for my ideal height. As you know I am overweight; currently doing weight loss challenge to achieve my goal for this year. 

I'm not on a diet; I don't want to call it a diet though. It's a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Some people will judge you and all but as long as you are determined with your goals and committed then you will succeed.  

Regarding the statement on the gif above, water is one thing I can say so true when it comes to losing weight. I don't understand most of the people would say cold water will make you fat especially on the tummy area, how come when its 0 calories? Is there any scientific evidence on that? I can't just believe it. All I know when you drink cold water it will increase your metabolism.

  What a myth! Anyway, whatever others would say I have to stay committed to my goals. Just you wait and see. 

Part 2: Things I love

Hey there, this is my part 2 of the things I love. Hehe, Now, I would like to share with you the other things I love. First off is the Georgia Nautical Bag. 

ALL - Photos credited here.
This is a camera bag though I don’t have a camera for now; soon I’ll have one hehe. It has plenty of extra pockets inside. What I like about this bag is the color a combination of brown and zebra stripes, I’m not sure if this is a zebra stripes haha! Anyway, it has two front pockets on the exterior and as you can see this is of top quality bag no wonder the price is reasonable.

Another one of my favorites, super love these types of bags. This is the new hype bag today, simple people, fashionitas as well as some celebrities; most of them used these bags. The satchel bag is one of the bags that I love to have someday. I know it’s too early for Christmas wishlist but I’m inlove with it, there’s nothing I can do. Haha! I love it, the design and colors are super cute that I can’t take my eyes off them. 

Things I LOVE

I'm posting here all my love, NO! not a person but things that I love such as brand of shoes and bags. Oh, how I wish I could own one. I love shoes and bags as much as I love cute things. Just looking at them is my happiness even though I can't really have them now. I know for sure soon I can have all of you but maybe not exactly the same. We all have wants and needs so I guess these are my WANTS. haha! Behold!!! photos are below.

This is a Le Bunny Bleu bestseller shoe. I fell in-love to this Bunny motive flats the first time I saw it on Facebook. I adore flat shoes, I don't usually buy those high heels since I'm not use to them and I'm not a fan. Most of the time I wear flats and there are moments when I like to wear wedge shoes.

I find this one so adorable plus the design was really cute. ^____^ 

From Up on Poppy Hill

I’m in love with this animated movie. This is a movie from Studio Ghibli film. The feelings that I have everytime I watch SG films. I’m just a super fan of their films. The background, the town and the way they create the animation. Its surreal animation makes me very happy, super happy, happy inlove again.  I remember a song way back then I used to sing and I heard it on this movie.

The movie was cute, charming and wonderful. A wonderful work of art and the song complements the sugary and cute scenes. I don’t want to include the plot here since I just want to express how happy I am watching these kinds of movies. Haha! Let me include the director, the writer and the group behind this wonderful movie. They are doing a great job! I wanted to express my happiness and gratefulness on making another movie like this. I love the kilig feeling. I want to live in such a beautiful place. I just hope they’ll make movies such as these through the years and that only the magical essence SG film can make such.

Here are some enchanting snapshots from the movie. 

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