From Up on Poppy Hill

I’m in love with this animated movie. This is a movie from Studio Ghibli film. The feelings that I have everytime I watch SG films. I’m just a super fan of their films. The background, the town and the way they create the animation. Its surreal animation makes me very happy, super happy, happy inlove again.  I remember a song way back then I used to sing and I heard it on this movie.

The movie was cute, charming and wonderful. A wonderful work of art and the song complements the sugary and cute scenes. I don’t want to include the plot here since I just want to express how happy I am watching these kinds of movies. Haha! Let me include the director, the writer and the group behind this wonderful movie. They are doing a great job! I wanted to express my happiness and gratefulness on making another movie like this. I love the kilig feeling. I want to live in such a beautiful place. I just hope they’ll make movies such as these through the years and that only the magical essence SG film can make such.

Here are some enchanting snapshots from the movie. 

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