Blog Awards and Random Questions

To my dearest friend Sheena, thank you so much for these awards. Thank you for the sweet thoughts. 

She told me I have to answer these questions and give out the award to 11 bloggers I know. hehe I'll try since I don't know a lot of bloggers.

1. What is your name? (Full name) Chariss Bucad. :p 

2. What inspires you to blog?
At first, I was inspired to blog for the sake of monetizing it. I’ve heard about Google Adsense and how it will help you to earn money online. As time goes by, I realized it’s hard to monetize a blog so I chose to make my blog more personal however I did not remove the ads on my blog :P I don’t know why I haven’t remove them.

3. What is your happiest moment in life?
I have plenty and some of those I already forgot. Simple moments in life make me happy like eating ice cream, bonding with friends, reading a good book, watching a movie, watching the sunset, stars and moon. Most especially when my boyfriend is around making me smile.
4. What is your greatest challenge in life, how did you overcome problems?
I've never shared this to anyone especially to those I’m not that close or someone I don’t trust. But this is the most challenging ever happened in my life way back high school. After graduation, my father wanted me to study in a prestigious university in the city so I took an entrance exam. To my horror, I failed. That moment my world crashed, tears are flowing because I failed my parents. Ever since I wanted them to be proud of me, so I worked so hard for them. How did I overcome? Hmm, I’m not really sure how, I just accept reality, it hurts but that’s life. I think it’s all about acceptance that there are some things in life that we can’t control. It turned out good actually; it’s a blessing in disguise after the heartbreaking period. Everything happens for a reason and I’m happy that God did plan well.

5. Do you find my blog interesting?
You have no idea sheen. Hehe. I love everything about your blog, that’s for sure.

6. Movie marathon or sound trip?
I love both! But I would go for movie marathon.

7. When was the last time you cry, what was the reason?
I cried yesterday. The reason is family issues. I tend to be so emotional when it comes to comments especially when my family does the judging. I hate it actually but I can’t do anything, they’re my family. And maybe I’m guilty too.

8. What is you motto/ philosophy in life?
“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” Sven Goran Eriksson. I’m afraid of failure, but I realized without failure, I will never learn and probably won’t grow into a more mature person. Everyday life gets so challenging, and I guess this is life is all about, facing those challenges throw on you. We just have to deal with it and never forget to be thankful for what you have. Learn to appreciate everything and thank God for everything.

9. What is your favorite hobby?
Watching movies, read books, read good blog on the net, blogging and singing.

10. Who is your favorite blogger, why?
Ate Sie and Ms. Anna Oposa. Ate Sie since she’s a strong woman, a lot of things happened to her but I adore her strength, she never loses hope in everything, which is something I love about her. Anna is really smart, funny and brave, plus a talented young lady. I love reading her blog every now and then.

11. What can you say to me? (Anything)
Whatever it is that is making you crazy thinking about these days. I know eventually you can reach into a good decision. I know it’s hard but just follow your heart, follow your happiness, follow where you can feel freedom and God’s love. Stand in faith and believe that God is on your side. 

Treeee Treeee Treee

I was also wondering why I chose that to be the title post. And the photo is a tree lol Currently reading the book Life of Pi and I think I'm on the climax of the story now. I am now on Part 2, the Pacific Ocean part where their ship sank. I wanted to quote this one from the book "I was not wounded in any part of my body, but I had never experienced such intense pain,such ripping of the nerves,such an ache of the heart."

While reading this part I remember something, somewhere in my past is hunting me. Such a fleeting moment. I have felt that kind of feeling before but ripping of the nerves I must say is an overstatement. I felt of course such ache in my heart and the pain. I wasn't wounded any part of my body but inside YES! Its easy to forgive but forget nope, not in my lifetime I would never ever forget. 

The scars will always be there no matter how much I tried to hide it. It wasn't easy at first but in the long run I realized and learned a lot of things that I never thought would happen ever. God is really good. A blessing in disguise will always be a disguise until the time you discover that it is meant to be. Everything will fall into place on His perfect time. I wanted to believe so since it's giving me Hope. Anyways, back to the book hehe, I'm excited to finish this one. This book will be on theaters next month so I have to hurry. Here's the trailer.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Do you remember when you're still a kid? Running around the block, playing with friends, laughing and having a little adventure time with yourself or with a group of kids. Childhood is fun and exciting.

Finally, I watched this movie and I was taken back and miss my childhood years. Bruno is a young explorer. He loves playing around and adventure.

When his Father was promoted they must leave their home and moved out to other place. Bruno was devastated, he has good friends in the city and leaving means he won't see them for a long time. He can't do anything to change his parent's mind since he's only 8 years old. Bruno together with his family leaves the city. Bruno's father is an army and his mother is a plain housewife. Bruno has a sister named Gretel, though they're not that super close I can sense that Gretel loves his little brother. Bruno has no friend yet on their new home and Gretel of course won't play with him.

One day when he got bored playing on the swing he decided to go for an adventure. He went at the back of their house. While enjoying himself out in the woods running and playing he meets the boy named Shmuel. Shmuel is inside a camp and Bruno thought that the people inside the camp are farmers.

Shmuel and Bruno became good friends. Bruno knows that Shmuel is a Jew and he's not supposed to be hanging around with him. There was a war between the German and Jews *don't know much about it* 

Shmuel is one of the prisoners, I mean there was a lot of Jews in that camp, they are working on something.  Bruno's parents have no idea that he has a friend in the camp, they didn't know his whereabouts. Until one day, it's too late.

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