Treeee Treeee Treee

I was also wondering why I chose that to be the title post. And the photo is a tree lol Currently reading the book Life of Pi and I think I'm on the climax of the story now. I am now on Part 2, the Pacific Ocean part where their ship sank. I wanted to quote this one from the book "I was not wounded in any part of my body, but I had never experienced such intense pain,such ripping of the nerves,such an ache of the heart."

While reading this part I remember something, somewhere in my past is hunting me. Such a fleeting moment. I have felt that kind of feeling before but ripping of the nerves I must say is an overstatement. I felt of course such ache in my heart and the pain. I wasn't wounded any part of my body but inside YES! Its easy to forgive but forget nope, not in my lifetime I would never ever forget. 

The scars will always be there no matter how much I tried to hide it. It wasn't easy at first but in the long run I realized and learned a lot of things that I never thought would happen ever. God is really good. A blessing in disguise will always be a disguise until the time you discover that it is meant to be. Everything will fall into place on His perfect time. I wanted to believe so since it's giving me Hope. Anyways, back to the book hehe, I'm excited to finish this one. This book will be on theaters next month so I have to hurry. Here's the trailer.

The book is really entertaining so far. The author has a good sense of humor. It's kind of funny while reading the 1st Part of the book. I mean you must read the book first before watching the movie next month hehe. The first part of the trailer is the part where the boat sank. I dunno why I titled this post TREEEEE. If you read the book while Pi saw a tiger struggling he shouted TREEEE TREEEE TREEEE, I have no idea why, could someone throw a light upon me? Sheena? I know you're good at this. hehe


  1. wow your a fast reader ha. Im still in the first part. lol. Did you research about the sloth(the author mentioned them on the beginning of the book) they look so cute! I could not get over.

    Bwahahaha i was surprised to see my name haha. lol. I have not read that part yet..i have no idea. but my WILD guess is that maybe Pi was shouting "tree" because it's kind of a life saver(you know trees float in the ocean. haha)? We call it batang. haha

  2. I thought gani you're done na reading it. hehe hmmm, nope i'm not that interested but they're kind of lazy animals haha!

    HAHA! Your name was their cause i just thought you finished the book na. Anyway you have a point haha! it's not a friend pala he saw its a tiger lol

  3. Nice post dear! Love it :) You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. Nice blog! I can really tell you love books ^^ I've also been wanting to watch Life of Pi - it looks awesome! But I haven't read the book yet. I prefer reading them after watching the movie just to not downgrade my overall enjoyment of the movie.

  5. Hi Karina, thanks for the visit..sure, I won't mind :)

    I don't have a Chicnova dear but thanks for the invitation :D

  6. Hi there Celly, Yes I do love books and book hoarding haha! You should buy one and read it, i'm sure you'll enjoy it. I would like to watch the movie for fun hehe but I have to finish reading it first. It's a long read.

    Thank you so much for the visit! :*


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