"Afternoon Tiger" Versus "Giant Shark Missile Technique" ( Mighty Guy Versus Kisame)

Mighty Guy


Naruto Shippuuden released the latest episode in manga: Episode 507. I'm an avid reader of this manga and I keep on updating the latest episodes. I used to read online in onemanga.com but sad to say the site is gone for good. However, there are lots of manga niches, one of them is the mangastream.com.

The episode centers the fight of Mighty Guy and Kisame. I was super doopeeer amazed on this two shinobi's awesome fight . But what is more surprising is that Guy is getting stronger and drowned Kisame's technique. Guy battles Kisame in Land of Lightning,  where Guy together with Yamato accompanied Naruto for training.

When Aoba dared Guy into the Falls of Truth to confront his inner self, Kisame showed up into the falls. Thinking that it was his innser self, Guy attacked Kisame and knocked him down. 
Realizing that it was the enemy, Guy battled Kisame and opened his Sixth Gate: Gate of View. 

Kisame attempts to run off  with the scroll of information to send to Akatsuki, but Guy  with the help of Killer Bee tossed him to catch him up. Kisame activated Water Release: Five Feeding Sharks and Water Release: Thousand Feeding Sharks, on the other hand Guy opened the Seventh Gate: Gate of Wonder in order to match Kisame's Water Release: Great Shark Missile Technique with his Afternoon Tiger. 

Kisame's Great Shark Missile Technique is no ordinary missile, it has the power to absorb the targets chakra to grow it stronger, the stronger the opponent the stronger it gets.  

But surprisingly, Guy's Afternoon Tiger outweigh the Great Shark. Afternoon Tiger is a one-hit kill taijutsu, an incredibly faster punch. A punch focuses a massive amount of air pressure in a single point. The technique explodes the built-up air pressure in an instant. Indeed Guy is one of the amazing Jonin in Konoha.Major Major exciting episodes na! and I'm looking forward for more!!  Read the full episode 507.

In Marriage... give it your best shot

Last Week, I watched the movie KILLERS - a romantic comedy action film. The main cast Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl as a couple. Okay wait!! Ashton Kutcher is definitely good-looking (still kilig to the bones),his husky voice,oh my really handsome guy. Ashton plays Spencer Aimes as a government assassin and meets Katherine as Jen Kornfeldt, a bubbly and beautiful young lady who's recovering from a bad break up. 

Jen together with her family went on a vacation in NICE - a city in southern France,where she meets Spencer in which eventually became her true love*. Spencer left his job because he falls for Jen, though he knows he can't escape his destiny. Finally the two got married for 3 years and enjoying their perfect marriage living in a very simple suburban community. Until one morning after Spencer's 30th birthday, Spencer realized that he has multi-million dollar bounty on his head. Jen was shocked knowing that his loving husband is an assassin and has a million dollar bounty on his head. 

The funny part is that they didn't know that they've been stalking for a long time, and the stalkers are their close friends,neighbor and office-mates. Now the couple run for their lives as the stalkers are trying to kill Spencer. Well, the movie is not that bad..Some parts made me chuckle, the best part was that they didn't knew who are their enemies cause most of their neighbors are trying to kill Spencer.haha! It was a nice twist. I really like Katherine Heigl, she's really a good comedy actress, I seen her first on Greys Anatomy and it made me realize that she's good being a fake doctor on the TV series. On the other hand, I saw Ashton on the Valentine's Day movie, I was shocked knowing that he's happily married to Demi Moore for 5 years now- yay!

But it's okay, he's still my hollywood crush. I'm looking forward on his new movie this 2011 titled NO STRINGS. While Katherine next movies LIFE AS WE KNOW IT shows this October  2010 and ONE FOR THE MONEY this July 2011.

What's new with Kristen Stewart?

She became popular for being Bella Swan on the movie TWILIGHT SAGA. Recently the TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, the third book of  the novel TWILIGHT SAGA by the author Stephenie Meyer is hitting Box office and earning revenue superiority surpassing the two movies: NEW MOON and TWILIGHT.

But Kristen is very down to earth. I do like her in a way that she's a strong lady. I have seen most of her movies, and her acting is not that bad. She actually portrays Bella's character so well. Anyways, Kristen next movies are On the Road, with Kirsten Dunst and Amy Adams, K-11 directed by her Mom Jules Mann-Stewart and of course, she will retain the character Bella on the last novel TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN part 1 (2011) and part 2 (2012).

On how fame changed her life: There's nothing you can do about it, to be honest. I don't leave my hotel room -- literally, I don't. I don't talk to anybody about my personal life, and maybe that perpetuates it, too. But it's really important to own what you own and keep it to yourself. That said, the only way for me not to have somebody know where I went the night before is if I didn't go out at all. I'm trading. It depends on what mood I'm in. Some nights, I think, 'You know what? I don't care. I'm going to do what I want to do.' Then the next day I think, 'Ugh. Now everyone thinks I'm going out to get the attention.' and I'm like, 'No, actually, for a second, thought that maybe I could be like a normal person. imdb-bio

Awards from Teen Choice 2010:

Choice Movie: Liplock:
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Choice Movie: Chemistry:
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Choice Movie Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi:
Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Choice Summer Movie Star: Female:
Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 

SMS Quotes Collection

Below are quotes I personally love, for some reason, I was caught in the moment when I start to read it. It was a text message I received from friends and I noted it down in a notebook. Actually,one of my quote collections. Well to give you a hint, most are love quotes. I would be more than glad if you read it thoroughly and leave some comments below. Thank You. 

There are things in life that you can’t hold on to forever no matter how much you fight for it. Sometimes “destiny” isn’t always good, it becomes playful. When you meet someone you learn to love, you think that it was “destiny” that made your paths cross. But what if making your paths cross is just a part of the game that “destiny” plays? Making you realize in the end that the person you thought that was destined for you wasn’t really meant to stay but only destined to make you feel loved, and then leave you when you’ve already fallen.

We can love someone and just be happy about it even if we know that it cannot last forever. It is not about having someone. It is not about owning a relationship; it is just about being happy because you know you have loved someone. There is a purpose and meaning behind all events and this purpose and meanings develop you as a person and a lover. Whatever relationship you have in your life now, they are precisely ones you need at this moment. 

If you want him to ask you out, find a way and do it. Most guys just need a little push in the right direction. It is always a risk to like someone and it involves time, patience and understanding to get someone’s heart to open you. At times it will work. Other times it won’t. But that’s why you called it a risk-you invest in something and there’s a possibility you won’t win. However, you still get something in return: strength of heart and mind, and the assurance that you won’t have any regrets from not trying.  There’s no sadder word in the English language than the word “if”, so fill your life with the word “when” instead. That way, when you grow old you can tell your kids, “When I did this, I learned this”.

There are things we regret, words we wish had gone unsaid, beginnings that had bitter endings, chances we threw away, roads we should have never taken, signs that we didn’t see, hearts we hurt needlessly, and wounds we wish we could mend. 

The past can’t be rewritten, but it can make you stronger. Be thankful for every change, for every break in your heart, for every scar. Pages were turned; bridges were burned, but YOU HAD LEARNED.

Some things aren’t meant to be kept forever, you know you have to stop and let go when things aren’t going right and everything you did is unappreciated. Remember what Batman says? 

“It’s wiser to be alone but happy, than with somebody who does nothing while you’re doing everything”. 

A thousand pair of eyes may speak of overwhelming admiration over you, and sometimes, it could be flattering.     Sometimes it draws a smile on your face but at the end of the day, no matter how many people express such adoration, you’d still want to be with the person who doesn't only see you as someone to be praised, but seeing your weaknesses, still embraces and kisses you, and shares your laughter and pain; 6 billion people and sometimes all you need is “ONE”.    

You and Your Shadow Side

-->The brilliant Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung advised his patients to become acquainted with what he called the “Shadow Side” of themselves, or the “Inferior part of the personality”. Indeed, there is a hidden portion of our minds that is compromised of memories from the past which terrify us and of which we ashamed, plus the mean, selfish and base nature which erupts occasionally and which we try to excuse and explain away in a thousand different ways.

We will be very reluctant to reveal this side of ourselves to another so long as it scares us. The natural assumption is that if we let others see this dark side they too will hate us. But generally, they are able to be more lenient with us than we are with ourselves. And a curious kind of chemistry begins to work. Because we have told another our deepest secrets, we begin to understand ourselves better.

I think I can even go as far as to say that you can never genuinely know yourself except as an outcome of disclosing yourself to another. When you reveal yourself to another person, you learn how to increase contact with your real self, and you may then be able to direct your destiny on the basis of this knowledge. The Delphic oracle advised, “know thyself”, but we could expand that counsel: “Make thyself known, and thou shalt then know thyself”. 

This fact is the source of some of the deep satisfaction and energy that come from the best friendships. If our beloved accept us with our shadowy parts, that act of confidence empowers us to accept ourselves more fully.

The Christian practice of confession has always been recognized for its therapeutic effect. The Bible advises: “Confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed” (James 5:16). It is not by accident that the biblical author says that if we acknowledge our dark side we will become whole. In ways we do not fully understand, self disclosure helps us to see things, feel things, imagine things, hope for things that we could never have thought possible. The invitation to transparency then is really an invitation to authenticity.

The Friendship Factor Dr. Alan Loy Mcginnis



This is a song from Charice Pempengco. I love the meaning of the song. You don't have to doubt your abilities and talents. You don't have to be someone else just to fit in. If they don't like you then seriously that doesn't matter anyway. As long as you love yourself for being who you are,like you don't have to wear a sheep's clothing when in fact you're a fox. People's opinion does not matter, you're not living just to please them anyway.

How can I be sure
When everything is so confusing

I'm old enough to learn
That I'm too young to know what I'm doing
Gotta break free
From what used to be
It no longer makes sense for me

How do I stand out, in a world that's all about fitting in. You don't have to fit in just to stand out from everyone. Just be yourself. Just be YOU.

I'm certain of my doubts, but I wouldn't be me for no reason. We have doubts of course and like we wanna be someone else but God created us for a reason and we have unique abilities as well as talents that God has given us. We must be thankful of that.

My identity
Right in front of me
There's nobody else I wanna be like


The Truth Is

A song from Charice. Well hmm..if you like/love someone I guess, it's the right time to confess your feelings to that person. May sounds difficult but If you don't have the courage, then you'll never know if that someone may like/loves you too :)  To girls, damn right it's hard, all you have to do is wait.


I almost said the words last night
I told myself the moment wasn't right
No one wants to be the one who says it first
But I been keeping it inside a secret for so long it hurts

The truth is that I love you
And I need to know from you if you love me too
The truth is that I want you completely
So if you love me too I need to know from you
What the truth is

I'm trying to look behind your eyes
I been trying to read between unspoken lines
We keep dancing 'round and we don't know what's real
Can't let the music end
Before we can find a way to say the things we feel

The truth is that I love you
And I need to know from you if you love me too

The truth is that I want you completely
So if you love me too I need to know from you
What the truth is

Oh I thought I could just walk away
That you might be a passing flame
I told myself I wouldn't care
If you weren't there

But the truth is that I love you
And I need to know from you if you love me too
The truth is that I want you completely
So if you love me too I need to know from you
What the truth is

He's/You're Beautiful

The newest Koreanovela coming soon on ABS-CBN..

I saw it first on TV which I hurriedly search on mysoju.com, it's really interesting and it was like having Hana Kimi and Coffee Prince for the nth time. The story was somewhat like that..Uhmm..yeah the girl is pretending to be a guy. He was, I mean she was the substitute for her twin brother who had an accident and still recovering. He was the newest member of the famous boy band A.N.JELL, I hope she'd play her role well. hehe' Watch this soon on ABS-CBN.

I was watching it on mysoju now and I'm on episode 5 already. Actually it has 16 episodes so it's a very long TV show for sure. I bet this is again a big hit in ABS, I commend this to all! A.N.JELL ANOTHER KOREAN FEVER WILL HIT THE TV SCREEN SOON!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Frustrated But Happy?

Last week, grabeh frustrated kaau ang bata. Kapuya aning sakit na limtanun ba? Apektado jud tanan pati ako work..patay! naulaw na kaau ko sakung supervisor.huhu. Honestly dili xah inani kalala like past months. Last year dili man ko inani? That’s why I wonder jud what happened to me. AMBUT jud ako maingun. Why man ui? Then, I decided to search sa google why malimtanun ang isa ka tao,hehe.. and nabasa nako isa ka article na isa sa reason ang stress. Hmm..yeah stress jud ko but dili man grabeh ka stress,hehe..

Hahaha! Halatang stress no? but anyways,mu post man jpun sa cam maski unsa na ka stress,haha!!mao lang jud ako problem. I’ve been doing things para dili na ma stress peru yman dili mu epek?huhuhu..That means siguro kulang pajud ang effort. Hehe. .Ga sleep na baya ko ug sau kaau around 12am,haha!sau sa kadlawon. Bitaw ui, haiizz..I prayed man sab na soon maulian nako, I know God listens. I’m just worried lang jud,haiizz..tungod sa sige ka worry, sige think ane,gaka stress ko..haha!

I’d like to share sab na I think next week? Mag 3rd shift nako for 3 months that would be ako duty and that is from 10pm-6am in the morning.Bongga! hehe, bitaw this is my very first time mag graveyard shift, I’m just curious about sa feeling mag graveyard. For 8 months sa 1st shift (6am-2pm) na duty, mabutang najud ko sa 3rd.hehe. But actually last month july,nag request ko na mag 3rd but nag tell man sila na  mawala sa daw ang 3rd shift kei gamay raman ga duty mga 5 ka employees raman ata, and the two of them is from our department, which is the MIS department also have to coordinate with them kei syempre sila man nay knowing anang internet connection here sa office. So, karun ang MIS have to deal with the bandwith usage of 1st and 2nd shift kei medjo daghan najud kei nadugangan naman ang users. So they decided na ibalik ang 3rd shift para ma balance na ang bandwith usage, dapat each department naay 3 ka representative para sa graveyard.hehe..

Luckily 3 me ka girls here na morning shift so we have to move to 3rd shift. It’s not a problem jud for me kei this is a new challenge and I want to test myself if kaya jud nako walay tuluga from night till dawn..hehe. This is the first time and I take this challenge positively. Actually, hingatulgon jud ko, but you know if others can do it, why can’t I?eseey..hehe. I’m glad man sab kei I have faith on myself.tsar!

This is a whole new experience sa akong working routine. On the good side of it, I don’t have to deal with transportation and breakfast cravings or waking up so early and maligu so early. Hehe. So I conclude na KAYA KO ITO! :)

100 Most Beautiful Stars of 2010

YES! Magazine reveals the list of the most Beautiful Stars of 2010.

Kim Chiu

The A-Listers

 Sarah Geronimo

John Lloyd Cruz

Angel Locsin

 Judy Ann Santos

  Marian Rivera

Dingdong Dantes

Piolo Pascual

Richard Gutierrez
Gerald Anderson

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