In Marriage... give it your best shot

Last Week, I watched the movie KILLERS - a romantic comedy action film. The main cast Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl as a couple. Okay wait!! Ashton Kutcher is definitely good-looking (still kilig to the bones),his husky voice,oh my really handsome guy. Ashton plays Spencer Aimes as a government assassin and meets Katherine as Jen Kornfeldt, a bubbly and beautiful young lady who's recovering from a bad break up. 

Jen together with her family went on a vacation in NICE - a city in southern France,where she meets Spencer in which eventually became her true love*. Spencer left his job because he falls for Jen, though he knows he can't escape his destiny. Finally the two got married for 3 years and enjoying their perfect marriage living in a very simple suburban community. Until one morning after Spencer's 30th birthday, Spencer realized that he has multi-million dollar bounty on his head. Jen was shocked knowing that his loving husband is an assassin and has a million dollar bounty on his head. 

The funny part is that they didn't know that they've been stalking for a long time, and the stalkers are their close friends,neighbor and office-mates. Now the couple run for their lives as the stalkers are trying to kill Spencer. Well, the movie is not that bad..Some parts made me chuckle, the best part was that they didn't knew who are their enemies cause most of their neighbors are trying to kill Spencer.haha! It was a nice twist. I really like Katherine Heigl, she's really a good comedy actress, I seen her first on Greys Anatomy and it made me realize that she's good being a fake doctor on the TV series. On the other hand, I saw Ashton on the Valentine's Day movie, I was shocked knowing that he's happily married to Demi Moore for 5 years now- yay!

But it's okay, he's still my hollywood crush. I'm looking forward on his new movie this 2011 titled NO STRINGS. While Katherine next movies LIFE AS WE KNOW IT shows this October  2010 and ONE FOR THE MONEY this July 2011.


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