A comedy about taking it one step at a time

Life as we know it, yes of course we know life, it has ups and downs, highs and lows and yeah that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Two unlike poles became an instant parent, Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Eric (Josh Duhamel) are not on the same wavelength, and yeah I mean they tried to date but it didn’t happen, it didn’t work out the way they expected it to be. 

After their best friends died on a car accident they took responsibility of their 1 year old daughter Sophie – well actually they didn’t have a choice it was a will of guardianship which Sophie’s parents planned just in case. 

Well the story goes like they live on the same house together, took good care of the baby, changing the diapers and some parenting stuffs. Actually, the ending is predictable – haha! But you know I like Katherine so much, she’s stunning really and Josh is a charmer.


It’s not that easy to be a parent, I now understand why parents are like that, I mean I have no idea how they raised me and all they have done is for my best.  I guess being that obedient is one good way of thanking them for all the things they did for me and well until now though.


I like the ending of the movie and the LOL part of course, this thing might happen in real life and I on the other hand was quite affected since the script is really believable. It’s a cute date movie and though it’s predictable there are good elements which make it commendable to watch.

 thumbs up

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