List of Books to Finish

I was really distracted these days that I don't even finish what I've started. Talking about being a Gemini,eh? I've downloaded a lot of pdf books but I keep on ignoring them, as well as my paperback books. When will I start reading all of them? I have 2 classic books pending: Bronte and Austen, and I just give up reading Pride and Prejudice. I started listening to the audio book but I dozed off everytime I tried. I have no patience when it comes to audio books, my imagination is poor compared to reading it and seeing the words, it has more effect on me.  Anyway, below are the books I have to finish.

Eat, Pray, Love: Elizabeth Gilbert -   I'm enjoying every chapter of Elizabeth's journey  and I don't want to end it right away. You can see a lot of progress on her character in this journey, she's bold and I like it so much for being her. I love to check her development on finding enlightenment and love.

Rich Dad Poor Dad: Robert Kiyosaki - I realized I haven't finish reading this one. 

The Help: Kathryn Stockett - I started reading the pdf book since I was really curious after watching the movie version. The movie moved me a lot. I was surprised of the dialect of the book (it was the same as the colored people used to speak in the movie). Imagining I'm watching the movie through the book. I know this book is good despite the vernacular issue. I'm still looking forward to know the characters more. 

Bared to You and Entwined with You:Sylvia Day - The Crossfire Series. I started reading the two books in pdf but I skipped a lot of pages. It was boring sometimes, too many detailed scenes. I started reading this one out of curiosity. The guy is hot and really sweet but nothing compares to Christian Grey *hahahahaha*

8th week: weight loss challenge

Our weight loss challenge ended last April 19 and I can't believe I survived! Yay!! I should give myself credits for working hard. I didn't expect to lose a lot of weight during this challenge. I've started at 62 kgs and my final weight after the 8 weeks challenge is 58 kgs. I have lost a total of 4 kgs during the process. You can check my IG account to view my before and after photo. I had some rough weeks but the challenge made me changed a lot of my bad habits. There are a lot of times when I just want to nap during my break (I just love napping so much that it takes me an hour napping haha! I know, it’s not a nap already) but I opted to exercise. I woke up early to jog even though I slept late the other night. I was really highly motivated to be active whenever possible. Amazingly, I've been drinking more water a day (2-3 ltrs). I've been taking my bfast smoothie every single day without a missed and I've been practicing to eat slowly. I have a food diary to keep track of my progress and I read nutritional labels religiously. I'm making right choices when it comes to food. I'm making myself a priority now, taking charge in controlling my weight, my destiny and I'm making sure that I enjoy my journey no matter how hard it is at times. I will never stop until I achieve my ideal weight.  I know this is only just the beginning to change my outlook in life, habits and to stay focus on my goals. I really have to believe in myself, put my mind into it and be positive no matter the setbacks.

We celebrated our wlc graduation at Pryce Plaza Hotel. I had fun time with good and happy people. It’s nice to be around cheerful people.  I’m so happy that my contender Eva won the challenge! She’s really doing a great job, hands down to her.  
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