For the Greater Good

St. Lorenzo Ruiz: "That I shall never do, because I am a Christian and I shall die for God, and for Him I will give many thousands of lives if I had them. And so do with me as you will please."

I heard this one on TV while Father  Mario of Healing Mass had his homily. He talked about King Solomon and his request to God and about the story of St. Lorenzo Ruiz. It caught my attention about King Solomon requested something to God. God can offer anything that you desire but this is what King Solomon said to the Lord:

“I am but a small child ... Give therefore your servant an understanding heart to judge your people…” 

God's response:
“Because you have not requested riches and honor but only that which would benefit all the people, I will give you not only an understanding heart like none other before or after you ... but also riches and honor like no other king in your days.” (1 Kings 3:7-13) 

King Solomon died at the age of 52 and ruled for almost 40 years which is said to be the best years in Israel's history. I forgot the Latin word for greater good. We can have anything we want in life but what matters most is the greater good in which we will treasure for the rest of our life. 

St. Lorenzo Ruiz is the first Filipino Saint. When he was young, he's an altar boy at Binondo. He was educated by Dominican fathers and earned a title of escribano (calligrapher). Both of his parents were Roman Catholics. It is said that St.Lorenzo left the Philippines because the Spaniard believes that he committed a serious crime. St. Lorenzo supposed to be on the boat going to Macau unfortunately he was on the other boat going to Japan. In Japan Christians were persecuted and tortured badly. St. Lorenzo Ruiz was captured and tortured. He was told that if he declares that he didn't believe in God, he will have the chance to live and be free but this is what he says:

That I shall never do, because I am a Christian and I shall die for God, and for Him I will give many thousands of lives if I had them. And so do with me as you will please.

Because he chose to be with God forever that's the reason why he was persecuted and became a martyr. 

Finally I heard the homily of Father Mario in Healing Mass. Hearing the story about King Solomon and St. Lorenzo Ruiz inspired me much to keep in mind the treasures that I should find and the ultimate purpose in life.

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me — the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace. (NIV)
Acts 20:24

You have a God-given task today — to share the goodness of God with those in your life. What good has God been in your life? Are you sharing it with others?

Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart is a classic film from Studio Ghibli -ek,yah I'm addicted to animated films especially Studio Ghibli *big grin*. The Japanese title of the film is Mimi wo Sumaseba which means "if you listen closely". Hayao Miyazaki wrote the screenplay of the film. This is a story of Shizuku Tsukishima a junior high school girl who loves to read books. She loves hanging out in the library - yay! I remember my high school days; I used to hang out in the library after lunch just to read fiction books. Okay back to Shizuku, she eventually noticed that all the books she was reading had been checked out by someone named Seiji Amasawa. One day Shizuku left her book at school when she was talking to a friend, she hurriedly went back and she saw someone reading the book. It was a guy and of course the guy is Seiji but she didn’t catch the name of the guy. She was irritated when the guy commented on the lyrics –she clipped the paper inside the book- she made and even called it corny. Whatta guy eh.  

The lyric that she made is in tune with the song Country Road by John Denver uhmm something like she translate it to japanese. That’s why she’s so annoyed by the comment. Well, she eventually found out that the guy was Seiji. Seiji on the other hand also loves reading but he enjoys making violin more than anything and that he wants to be a Luthier in the future. They became good friends and both confessed that they have feelings for each other at the end of the movie.

What I like about the movie is that I can relate so much to Shizuku. While Seiji was sharing to her his future plans, Shizuku had not given any thought about her future. She didn’t know what exactly she wants.  Hehe, like me I'm not yet certain what I want to do in the future, I just live my life day by day - haha! sorry po immature pa eh.hmmm. Yah! I will take time to reflect and think about it - okay? 

relate much eh?
Finally Seiji said this to Shizuku

weee.. And she was inspired, so she decided to write a story.hehe

Yah That's the spirit girl and shower that unto me :P 

For the finale I love this part, where the grandfather of Seiji told Shizuku about the jewel Emerald. This is pretty long hehe.

I believe that too, I'm still in the process of polishing that roughness inside me so that I will shine like others -wahahah. But this is Shizuku's response.

This girl is so like ME.. weeee. hehe

The Grandfather continued..

So you see, I still have doubts too just like this girl but I was really inspired to look for that better stone inside of me, the purer part of me I know I will find that. I will find you my precious little one. weeeee... That's the reason why I love Ghibli films so much. hehe. 

The last part was very comical where Seiji hugged Shizuku and declared his love, weeeee..

She blushed... she just nod as her answer. Ankyut talaga!! 

weeee.. super chessy part. 


Ever wonder why Quintilis? Well it's the Latin word of July, the 7th month of the year. Nahh I just have no idea what would be the title to this post so I decided to name it JULY in LATIN. haha!

My first of July. I had super fun. It's Saturday and we had again our Health and Fitness. It was fun thinking that for the longest time, we have to make a paper plane!! - for our team building activity. "Can we pretend that paper planes, In the night sky like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)   as my friend sheena sings it. hehe. 

Anyway, I already forgot how to make one so Jessie here helped me out. haha! Actually, I made one with the help again from Karen but it wasn't a good one so Jessie makes some improvements. hehe. Oh no!! I forgot that paper plane thingy, all I remember is how to make a boat and a trash can out of paper, ba? Not bad after all. haha! I have no picture of the plane since I forgot to take one.  hehe. The other fun was we have this activity with balloons. We have to place the balloon between our legs and go to the other side of the gym and blow it up by sitting on it in the chair. hahaha! After that we had our Zumba dance. hehe, yeah shake it to the left and shake it to the right. I'm not a good dancer eh? hehe. 

The excitement powers me up knowing that we will watch Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon in 3D with Sticky Friends, ayii.. Still waiting for the photos *sigh* hehe. Nevermind, I still have here on my phone but just a few shots. It was my very first to watch a cinema in 3D. Exciting eh? I was totally in AWE. WoOoW, what else should I say? hmmm..Outstanding, genius hehe basta all the adjectives na. wahaha!!!

I will not make any comment about how the movie goes basta you watch it nalang. Shia is such a good actor and Josh Duhamel is ever a charmer *big grin* I love the plot; I love everything including the Official Soundtrack from Linkin Park titled Iridescent

Spoiler ALERT! Read at your own risk!!

I was sad that Ironhide died uwaaa**sniff sniff* one of the saddest part is that Shia cried cause he thought he will never see BumbleBee ever again. awwww.. That was kinda sad huh. The coolest part was the military flying with their "wing suits" but I experienced cross-eyed on that scene. haha! There are some scenes where I experienced cross-eyed and I noticed that when you try to focus on one image the background becomes blurry. That's how 3D works eh? haha! 

Anyway, the movie running time is approximately 157 minutes which is 2.616666667 hours according to the conversion table. LOL. So that's long the movie was so I was kinda tired sitting there plus I have this annoying headache.  But I enjoyed the movie much, before I forgot I need to mention Patrick Dempsey, he's one of the antagonist, he was working with the Decepticons. hanep mayrun pang traitor-ness part, yow Sentinel Prime is such a traitor. Michael Bay did an awesome job again, waa I saw the video making of flying part ha, it was true talaga. The crew of Michael Bay made the flying part in Chicago skyscraper, I think.I just saw the video in IMDB Transformers: Dark of the Moon profile. hehe. AWESOMENESS. I wanna try. I wanna TRY!! hahaha! I rate this movie 10.
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