For the Greater Good

St. Lorenzo Ruiz: "That I shall never do, because I am a Christian and I shall die for God, and for Him I will give many thousands of lives if I had them. And so do with me as you will please."

I heard this one on TV while Father  Mario of Healing Mass had his homily. He talked about King Solomon and his request to God and about the story of St. Lorenzo Ruiz. It caught my attention about King Solomon requested something to God. God can offer anything that you desire but this is what King Solomon said to the Lord:

“I am but a small child ... Give therefore your servant an understanding heart to judge your people…” 

God's response:
“Because you have not requested riches and honor but only that which would benefit all the people, I will give you not only an understanding heart like none other before or after you ... but also riches and honor like no other king in your days.” (1 Kings 3:7-13) 

King Solomon died at the age of 52 and ruled for almost 40 years which is said to be the best years in Israel's history. I forgot the Latin word for greater good. We can have anything we want in life but what matters most is the greater good in which we will treasure for the rest of our life. 

St. Lorenzo Ruiz is the first Filipino Saint. When he was young, he's an altar boy at Binondo. He was educated by Dominican fathers and earned a title of escribano (calligrapher). Both of his parents were Roman Catholics. It is said that St.Lorenzo left the Philippines because the Spaniard believes that he committed a serious crime. St. Lorenzo supposed to be on the boat going to Macau unfortunately he was on the other boat going to Japan. In Japan Christians were persecuted and tortured badly. St. Lorenzo Ruiz was captured and tortured. He was told that if he declares that he didn't believe in God, he will have the chance to live and be free but this is what he says:

That I shall never do, because I am a Christian and I shall die for God, and for Him I will give many thousands of lives if I had them. And so do with me as you will please.

Because he chose to be with God forever that's the reason why he was persecuted and became a martyr. 

Finally I heard the homily of Father Mario in Healing Mass. Hearing the story about King Solomon and St. Lorenzo Ruiz inspired me much to keep in mind the treasures that I should find and the ultimate purpose in life.

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me — the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace. (NIV)
Acts 20:24

You have a God-given task today — to share the goodness of God with those in your life. What good has God been in your life? Are you sharing it with others?


  1. I can so relate my heart condition now..honestly it made me realize living life more to the not for yourself but learning to enjoy life and sharing your happiness and blessings to others..Life is short and I always thank God that He gave me a chance to live..

    I usually donate material things but sharing can also be done by being a testimony to others..I have been into adversities in my life but I have conquered and survived and I know it is only one way of sharing to other people..sharing it through my writings in my blog is a simple way of sharing to other people that there is hope and second every situation we can learn no matter how painful it is..through writing I hope my friends and readers will learn and be inspired even on my most simple way :)

    *hugssssssss sis*

  2. Hi Sis,

    Yah, life's to short to be wasted. We should always be grateful to God for the wonderful things he offers to us everyday.

    It's a great feeling to be able to share with others our little blessings even in a simple form of communication which is through blogging and writing, we would somehow inspire and help others also. Thanks for sharing that sis through your blog and I really appreciate it.


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