I miss you (yes you!)

I should be posting my 3rd part adventure in Bohol but I just want my thoughts to say something. Lately, I've been missing the old me. The old me who writes every now and then. The old me who reads a lot of books. The old me who can watch movies for 2 hours straight. The old me who can watch Koreanovelas for 3 hours. The old me who spends time sleeping when I have nothing else to do. The old me who loves to watch sunset and stars. I don't know why I miss that old me hmmm.


I've been a busy bee lately and I can't even post here everyday. There are some things to sacrifice when you have a lot on your plate. Maybe now I learned how to prioritize things. I learned how to be more conscious with time. I miss the old me without worrying what to do next. I never get bored or feel lonely. Sometimes I do feel lonely, maybe because of the weather hehe but its just me anyway. Maybe the new me is the better version of myself, more determined (tsar!) more future minded (nax!) I would say my mindset has changed. There would be more changes in the next year (wew!) 

Maybe I just have to accept the fact that I'm not a college student anymore. The fact that I'm already a grown-up, but I don't want to get seriously attached to the seriousness of life. I want to have fun too, to do things spontaneously (haha! ano kaya? hmm) I love surprises now (thanks to my boyfie). But what I really want now is to have time for myself, to be alone, to reflect. I don't want to think about anything else but myself. I hope to have a day to date myself, any day of the week, that would be great. I don't know how to start this but definitely I can do this.I have to get myself together. 

Part II: Bohol

My post for this Bohol tour is not yet over! Told you, I have a lot of photos to post. The 2nd stop of our tour is the famous Chocolate Hills! They say that the tour would be incomplete if you haven't seen the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.

There's a story behind these lovely hills and we had fun making up one. But there's an original story to these famous hills so you have to search or ask locals if you're that curious. Entrance fee here is 50PHP.

Our 3rd stop is at Man-made Forest. I'm not quite sure how many years these trees existed, maybe a decade now. The place has no signal so just be patient and luckily there's no entrance fee here haha! 

Our 4th stop would be the abnormal snake Prony. haha! that's all I remembered. This snake is really famous here. The entrance fee is 25PHP. The place has animals however it' really disappointing cause the place is small to think the entrance fee is pretty pricey. We have no choice since we wanted to have a glimpse of Prony, the abnormal size snake. I'm not a fan of  snakes though.

Touchdown, Bohol!

If you read my previous post, I took a leave off work and had a short vacation in my mother's hometown. My mama goes to her hometown in Bangwalog, Bohol every year for their fiesta celebration. She usually stays one week in Bohol so I decided to come with her. My cousin who works from Saudi told us that she'll be home and wanted to have a tour in Bohol since her husband is coming with her. Actually the couple paid all the expenses for this trip so I'm happy to joined in. I want to be in this once in a lifetime trip. 

Our 1st destination is at Sagbayan Peak. We got so excited so we took a lot of photos, take note "lots of them". haha!

Hello Sagbayan!!!

a chef? wat u think?
Oh no, a dinosaur but hey they had fun.

its me! haha!

Hearts day to you!!

The sun is up that day and I'm glad God gave us a sunny trip. The place is huge! I don't know exactly how many square meters. One thing I know, we don't have all day to discover this place. The air is so refreshing and I envy these people living here. They live surrounded with a lot of Choco Hills. We really had fun and we can't wait to check out the Tarsiers. It would be my first time to see up close this tiny creature.

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