Part II: Bohol

My post for this Bohol tour is not yet over! Told you, I have a lot of photos to post. The 2nd stop of our tour is the famous Chocolate Hills! They say that the tour would be incomplete if you haven't seen the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.

There's a story behind these lovely hills and we had fun making up one. But there's an original story to these famous hills so you have to search or ask locals if you're that curious. Entrance fee here is 50PHP.

Our 3rd stop is at Man-made Forest. I'm not quite sure how many years these trees existed, maybe a decade now. The place has no signal so just be patient and luckily there's no entrance fee here haha! 

Our 4th stop would be the abnormal snake Prony. haha! that's all I remembered. This snake is really famous here. The entrance fee is 25PHP. The place has animals however it' really disappointing cause the place is small to think the entrance fee is pretty pricey. We have no choice since we wanted to have a glimpse of Prony, the abnormal size snake. I'm not a fan of  snakes though.

We planned to ride the boat in Loboc River however we don't have all the time in the world and it's getting late so we just took a quick photo of the place. 

an old museum in Loboc.

Our 5th stop is a great one. I'll make another post exclusively for Hinagdanan Cave! 


  1. What you missed the Loboc river?!!! haha. I love your pictures! The place always reminds me of our field trip in college. hehe. I did not notice your posts about your trip. I shall see the part one now. :)

  2. hmm yah so sad we missed it. It's just a one day trip so we have no choice..we would love to have a ride unfortunately we can't we didn't got the chance to have a trip here way back in college cause the students were not interested :(( Now, you noticed na! hehe :*

  3. Hello dear! I am glad you loved bohol. I love it the moment I stepped into the place. I have neveer tried to visit the mainland....we opt for the island hopping when we were at bohol. I'd be back this year, but Id love to try the adventure park...hehe


    1. hi there, yes! i really enjoyed the tour with my family, we had so much fun and I loved the place so much. I'll be back to try island hopping there hehe, hope you can tour the places up there, tiring yet fulfilling to the spirit.

      thanks for dropping by to my blog!


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