Story 2: Herbalife Journey

Hey there, as I have mentioned in my previous post regarding my weight  lose program using Herbalife products, I am now here to present an update. I know this is a bit late, but I was making sure I keep track on my progress every month. 

Before I weigh around 138 lbs and now I am at 126 lbs already!! I have lost a total of 12 lbs in just 3 months.  I have lost that much without exercise, how much more if I put an effort in doing cardio exercises at least 3x a week. wew. I am so happy, I feel lighter already and my friends told me that I look good and sexy than before haha! I know I am not now at my ideal weight which is at 112 lbs but guess what I am getting there, weeeeeeee.

I just have to take it day by day and those days will add up in the long run. I am positive. I have lost my motivation and feeling out of sorts lately but I have to pull myself up. I was kind of slightly ill this past few weeks actually so I forgot about my program. But the amazing thing here is that I don't have cravings for food like Rice and other sweet stuffs. weeee, I am so happy about it. 

I know, I will be.

It has been a hard and sad week. It was heart-breaking but I know it's God's will. My grannies are now finally at rest. I will miss my grandma and grandpa. 

Especially my tatay, he's been with us since I was just a baby. He's with us through the ups and downs, storms and sunshines. He never leaves us. We have good memories together, and I remembered he taught me how to play the guitar and flute, unfortunately I'm not a fan of musical instruments. 

Tatay, I will miss you so bad. I love you so much and I know you're finally at peace. You are now free from pain and suffering. I'm sorry I haven't visited you as often as I could, you know that I am trying. I just couldn't bear to see you alone at home and no one's taking care of you. How i wish I could take care of you but I can't bring back the past. I love you and you will always be in my heart. 

I know everything will be okay soon. 

I love you Lola and Tatay, Rest In Peace my lovely grannies.
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