Bye 2013 and Hello 2014!

Today is the last Monday of 2013. My 2013 has its moments: sadness, frustrations, crying time, happiest and memorable memories. Definitely, a lot of lessons to remember. I love this year so much since a lot of my prayers have been answered and God has given me multitude of blessings for me to share with others. Thank you so much Almighty Father.

This year, a lot of challenges have thrown on me and I think I have managed them very well *pat pat*
I love the good vibes of 2013. I will surely treasure the happy memories ^__^


I am so looking forward for the next year, it is time to start fresh! I have plans and I want to keep myself occupied on this. This year, I want to start Minding my Own Business, you heard it right! I want to work seriously on my finances. I have to be determined and committed on this. I want to remind myself everyday that I am not getting any younger and someday I will have my own family. I should plan something for my future, I know what I have to do. I should have started earlier but this is not time for regrets, it's not yet too late to make things right. I have to do this on my own and work hard on it. For the first time in my life, I felt like I have finally found my purpose. I want to change now for the better. Next year, I want to see the best version of myself. I will do things that will make me happy and deprive msyelf on some liabilities. I would want to try delaying gratification hehe. I want to be more appreciative,more positive and more happier this coming year. I look forward to working with you 2014!


Merry and Happy Christmas!

It is the most wonderful time of the year again! How time flies so fast! I hope everyone had a wonderful time this holiday season. I so love Christmas and it's one of my favorite celebration every year. I love it when my family is enjoying the holiday break. I love the feeling of warm greetings from friends and relatives and even colleagues. This year is the best! I am more than thankful to God for everything that I have, for having such a wonderful life. Thank you Lord! You answered my prayers. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break. It's great to spend it with family, friends and relatives. I am enjoying my holiday break too ^_^ Have a great year ahead to everyone!


My Home

Well, this is my 1st post for December. I have a lot to share and I feel different today. My boypran came back from Manila last week to join their fiesta celebration last Sunday. He was back in Manila just this morning. He was here for 4 days. We truly missed each other so much. These past few days, he made me so happy that I can't hide the smile in my heart. 

Everything is so warm and the sun shines so brightly everytime we are together. I missed him a lot, super much. We just had 3 days bonding since I have to work whole day last Monday. But those 3 days we spent together is my happiest. Days gone by so quickly when you're with your loved one yet so slow when you are not with them. I missed our moments together, it makes me sad of course knowing the distance. But I always believe in him, I believe and trust our love for each other. 

We survived a little to no communication for a year, so there's no reason for us to give up. We are planning to buy new phones to communicate with each other. The smartphones with apps for communication which includes skype and other new interesting apps. It was really hard before so it shouldn't be harder now. We have to stay strong. I love him so dearly. I miss him so bad each day that it makes me cry. Our relationship is stronger than ever and we can make it, I know we can. He is my Present, my Future and my Home.Next time when I see you, I will not hug you dear, I will tackle you. hehe  I love you my bananey!

someday soon :3

Twining Tea for the Win!

I've been drinking Twining Tea lately. I first heard this tea from the book Fifty Shades and the main character Anna loves their tea. I've seen this tea in the supermarket so I decided to try. The first tea I bought was the Jasmine Green tea. I love the aroma and the calm feeling after drinking it. The second one I bought was the English Breakfast Tea. English Breakfast is a black tea and my first time to try it. Surprisingly, it taste really good! Twinings Tea flavors are neat and definitely refreshing. I will try more of their flavors.

photo credits to the owner.

Business Casual Day!

Last week we had a fun business casual day photo-shoot! It's my 1st time to join this kind of pictorial though so I have to wear something smart casual. hehe As usual, I really don't know what I should wear for that day so I need help from Google. I've found a lot of sites and search youtube as well but this site really caught my attention. The photos below are my inspiration for that pictorial day.

I have this addiction to dresses lately (no idea why?) and I had never thought this is a good business casual attire. I don't know much about these since I'm completely happy with my jeggings and blouse combined. I like the dress and the cardigan combination here,this is perfect since it will not show my fatty arms haha!

I like this one too but when I saw the photo above I opted to wear the dress with a cardigan ^_^ 

I wanted to wear this one for the next photo session, corporate attire! but it was hard to find the upper corporate attire blouse lol I'm not sure what to call it. So I just decided to buy a blazer. I just wore a white blouse and pencil skirt covered with blazer. I look like having an interview with a client haha!

source of photos above: outfitposts

Behold! This is my final outfit for that business casual day photo session.

What do you think? haha! My boyfriend requested to upload my photos on fb, so I requested a friend to took me a shot so that I could tag my boypran with these photos. hehe. I never got the chance to have a solo picture of me wearing the corpo attire since I was kind of not into it that day, maybe i'm just tired. hehe

boosting my immune system

I've been getting sick lately and constantly had a bad cold, blame it to the bipolar weather *sigh*. I think it is because of my weak immune system. I've been sedentary lately and eating unhealthy foods, maybe that's the reason why i have a weak immune system. huhu I don't want to discuss the science of immune system here since you can search google for that. I want to boost my immune system and below are simple things that I should remind myself to do. I don't want to catch another cold if one of my colleague have one. 

1. Exercise - im back to sedentary lifestyle again! but I started to do cardio work out however it lasted for only 6 mins haha! and that is only the warm The day after I worked out, totally sore all over my legs. I stopped working out for a month and I've been working really hard lately and napping in between.  I should start working out now.


2. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
3. Sleep well - but I am sleeping pretty well hmmm.


4. Drink a lot of water - I am a monster drinker when it comes to water, 2-3 liters a day!


I thinks these are good for now. If you have more ideas, I would like to hear from you ^_^

Holding Chopsticks

I got a pasalubong chopstick last september from a very dear friend.  The chopstick is quite different though since she bought it from Thailand. I find it really unique as well. The problem is, I don't know how to use it. I love Japanese food so much but I usually used spoon and fork every time I eat out on a Japanese restaurant. haha! One of my colleague taught me how but I can't seem to get it right. I should start reading holding chopsticks for dummies harhar! Anyway, I found these tips. 

Basics: How to Hold Chopsticks:

  • Hold the upper chopstick with the index finger, the middle finger, and the thumb.
  • Put the other chopstick between the bottom of the thumb and the tip of the ring finger.
  • Move the upper chopstick only when you pick up food. 

I guess the gif above would be a great help to those who wants to learn too ^_^

P.S: my first post for this month!Tomorrow's my momma's birthday! I love you momma so much :*

Edit or not to?

I've been wanting to edit some of my old posts but it will take too much of my time already and I don't have enough time to edit all of them. So I decided not to edit them. It was nice to read them and I can see that I have still so much to learn when it comes to writing. It was a bit hard for me. I love reading so much and they say if you read a lot you'll learn plenty of things, especially it'll help you a lot on your writing skills. I get the point. I can tell that I still have to work hard on it. My insecurity is messing my mind again *sigh* I hate this feeling. I should be more grateful, right?


Touchdown, Manila!

Lately, I was really pissed off because of the slow internet connection we had and everytime I want to blog, it can’t even open this blogging platform *sigh* . I’ve been hiatus for 1 month now. I wanted to blog our Manila trip last August however due to sickness I’ve encountered last month, I have to prioritize first my health. And by God’s grace I am finally healed, still in the process but I believe I am ^_^  I don’t know what to write here haha! I’m not a good writer so I’ll post all the photos here *not all though*, this entry is gonna be a photoblog *hmmm what a good idea to photoblog sometimes*. 

We arrived in Manila around afternoon, I forgot the time. I was with my friends and it was my 1st time to be in Manila and a lot of 1st times to mention. When we arrived in the pad, we took a break for awhile. We decided to commute going to Eastwood. We stroll around Eastwood and had so much fun.

Manila Ocean Park is a fun place. 

Luneta Park! There were a lot lot of Korean tourists when we went there. 

I'm inlove with Enchanted Kingdom! The place is truly magical. I want to visit this place again!! I never got the chance to experience other rides because of long lines (there's a lot of people). We went to Makati after EK and wandered like there's no tomorrow haha! We went to SM Makati and Glorietta Malls.

The following day we went to Mall of Asia, SM North and a quick stop in Cubao.

There are places we would want to visit during that trip however we never got the chance due to unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, I had so much fun in Manila, finally I've experienced the MRT and LRT rides haha! It was nice & not so nice experience but totally fun. Touchdown, Manila! Till we meet again :P

What I love doing lately..

I love drinking tea lately. I love Herbalife tea and sad to say that my bottle is empty. I can't buy one for now. However, I'm planning to buy Jasmine Tea. 

I am into this exercise now. Pilates is one of the hardest exercise I have ever tried, ever! This one is like yoga since all you need is a mat and of course the youtube videos. I can say Cassey Ho is my personal trainer. haha! This is so freaking hard. It really hurts for awhile and the soreness will stay longer than you could ever imagine haha! As what Cassey says "you will learn to love the soreness". I am up for the challenge! Sometimes I can't help but in tears everytime I've done some of the moves. Sometimes I can't even do some of it  even though cassey would say "don't give up!You are strong." hehe. I'm sorry for that Cassey. 

photo credit goes to the owner :)

I am a book hoarder and I don't know why I'm loving it. haha! I just love the smell of books. They give me this comfort that I can't explain. I've been reading 50 shades lately. hihi But as what the 1st photo says, I'm sticking with Mr.Darcy haha!

Obviously I love browsing the internet. I discovered a lot of refreshing and interesting things. Maybe, I just enjoy procrastinating lol.
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