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Well, this is my 1st post for December. I have a lot to share and I feel different today. My boypran came back from Manila last week to join their fiesta celebration last Sunday. He was back in Manila just this morning. He was here for 4 days. We truly missed each other so much. These past few days, he made me so happy that I can't hide the smile in my heart. 

Everything is so warm and the sun shines so brightly everytime we are together. I missed him a lot, super much. We just had 3 days bonding since I have to work whole day last Monday. But those 3 days we spent together is my happiest. Days gone by so quickly when you're with your loved one yet so slow when you are not with them. I missed our moments together, it makes me sad of course knowing the distance. But I always believe in him, I believe and trust our love for each other. 

We survived a little to no communication for a year, so there's no reason for us to give up. We are planning to buy new phones to communicate with each other. The smartphones with apps for communication which includes skype and other new interesting apps. It was really hard before so it shouldn't be harder now. We have to stay strong. I love him so dearly. I miss him so bad each day that it makes me cry. Our relationship is stronger than ever and we can make it, I know we can. He is my Present, my Future and my Home.Next time when I see you, I will not hug you dear, I will tackle you. hehe  I love you my bananey!

someday soon :3

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