Touchdown, Manila!

Lately, I was really pissed off because of the slow internet connection we had and everytime I want to blog, it can’t even open this blogging platform *sigh* . I’ve been hiatus for 1 month now. I wanted to blog our Manila trip last August however due to sickness I’ve encountered last month, I have to prioritize first my health. And by God’s grace I am finally healed, still in the process but I believe I am ^_^  I don’t know what to write here haha! I’m not a good writer so I’ll post all the photos here *not all though*, this entry is gonna be a photoblog *hmmm what a good idea to photoblog sometimes*. 

We arrived in Manila around afternoon, I forgot the time. I was with my friends and it was my 1st time to be in Manila and a lot of 1st times to mention. When we arrived in the pad, we took a break for awhile. We decided to commute going to Eastwood. We stroll around Eastwood and had so much fun.

Manila Ocean Park is a fun place. 

Luneta Park! There were a lot lot of Korean tourists when we went there. 

I'm inlove with Enchanted Kingdom! The place is truly magical. I want to visit this place again!! I never got the chance to experience other rides because of long lines (there's a lot of people). We went to Makati after EK and wandered like there's no tomorrow haha! We went to SM Makati and Glorietta Malls.

The following day we went to Mall of Asia, SM North and a quick stop in Cubao.

There are places we would want to visit during that trip however we never got the chance due to unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, I had so much fun in Manila, finally I've experienced the MRT and LRT rides haha! It was nice & not so nice experience but totally fun. Touchdown, Manila! Till we meet again :P


  1. wow! sounds so exciting chang! :)

  2. shenani!!!i so miss you na..truly exciting and unforgettable trip ^_^


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