Touchdown, Bohol!

If you read my previous post, I took a leave off work and had a short vacation in my mother's hometown. My mama goes to her hometown in Bangwalog, Bohol every year for their fiesta celebration. She usually stays one week in Bohol so I decided to come with her. My cousin who works from Saudi told us that she'll be home and wanted to have a tour in Bohol since her husband is coming with her. Actually the couple paid all the expenses for this trip so I'm happy to joined in. I want to be in this once in a lifetime trip. 

Our 1st destination is at Sagbayan Peak. We got so excited so we took a lot of photos, take note "lots of them". haha!

Hello Sagbayan!!!

a chef? wat u think?
Oh no, a dinosaur but hey they had fun.

its me! haha!

Hearts day to you!!

The sun is up that day and I'm glad God gave us a sunny trip. The place is huge! I don't know exactly how many square meters. One thing I know, we don't have all day to discover this place. The air is so refreshing and I envy these people living here. They live surrounded with a lot of Choco Hills. We really had fun and we can't wait to check out the Tarsiers. It would be my first time to see up close this tiny creature.

haha!ooopss not this one.

Hello World!!! Smile big eyes!
The entrance fee I think is 30PHP. I'm not sure how much for children since I'm not the one who paid the entrance fee haha!

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