Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart is a classic film from Studio Ghibli -ek,yah I'm addicted to animated films especially Studio Ghibli *big grin*. The Japanese title of the film is Mimi wo Sumaseba which means "if you listen closely". Hayao Miyazaki wrote the screenplay of the film. This is a story of Shizuku Tsukishima a junior high school girl who loves to read books. She loves hanging out in the library - yay! I remember my high school days; I used to hang out in the library after lunch just to read fiction books. Okay back to Shizuku, she eventually noticed that all the books she was reading had been checked out by someone named Seiji Amasawa. One day Shizuku left her book at school when she was talking to a friend, she hurriedly went back and she saw someone reading the book. It was a guy and of course the guy is Seiji but she didn’t catch the name of the guy. She was irritated when the guy commented on the lyrics –she clipped the paper inside the book- she made and even called it corny. Whatta guy eh.  

The lyric that she made is in tune with the song Country Road by John Denver uhmm something like she translate it to japanese. That’s why she’s so annoyed by the comment. Well, she eventually found out that the guy was Seiji. Seiji on the other hand also loves reading but he enjoys making violin more than anything and that he wants to be a Luthier in the future. They became good friends and both confessed that they have feelings for each other at the end of the movie.

What I like about the movie is that I can relate so much to Shizuku. While Seiji was sharing to her his future plans, Shizuku had not given any thought about her future. She didn’t know what exactly she wants.  Hehe, like me I'm not yet certain what I want to do in the future, I just live my life day by day - haha! sorry po immature pa eh.hmmm. Yah! I will take time to reflect and think about it - okay? 

relate much eh?
Finally Seiji said this to Shizuku

weee.. And she was inspired, so she decided to write a story.hehe

Yah That's the spirit girl and shower that unto me :P 

For the finale I love this part, where the grandfather of Seiji told Shizuku about the jewel Emerald. This is pretty long hehe.

I believe that too, I'm still in the process of polishing that roughness inside me so that I will shine like others -wahahah. But this is Shizuku's response.

This girl is so like ME.. weeee. hehe

The Grandfather continued..

So you see, I still have doubts too just like this girl but I was really inspired to look for that better stone inside of me, the purer part of me I know I will find that. I will find you my precious little one. weeeee... That's the reason why I love Ghibli films so much. hehe. 

The last part was very comical where Seiji hugged Shizuku and declared his love, weeeee..

She blushed... she just nod as her answer. Ankyut talaga!! 

weeee.. super chessy part. 


  1. hahaha..ang cute ng graphics sis..ay naman sana one day may magsabi sa akin will you marry me..and this time yung matinong lalaki na hahaha..

    **everyone of us sis is still unpolished..I am 34 na but the truth is I am in a middle of a crossroad in my life now..still I don't know where will the future leas us..but one is certain wherever I'll go..my kids will always be with me..

    when I am down cguro it will also help you to remember..*God is not finished with me yet*..all of us regardless of our age..each day life is a process of learning new things,growing to whom we have to become and moving on to the blessings that God has in store for us..

    nyt sis..may mail ako :)

  2. Hi Sis Sie, Okay lang yung mali mo, no worries hehe

    Yah I know someday sis there will be that someone who will cherish you na forever. I will pray for that sis.

    Weeee.. ankyut talaga nung graphics, I can teach you if you like, hehe.. Actually I think talaga it's a process. We just have to believe in ourselves and must have complete faith in God. Thank you so much sis :)

  3. Beautiful movie. :) I'm sure nasabi ko na 'to before.. Great pick of sound track,too! I keep whistling Country Road even after hours watching..haha..

    It's a must-see for every writer-to-be. :)

    P.S. Yeah, how did you clip the images?

  4. Hello Issa,

    Thanks for the comment!! Yah *apir apir* me too na carried away ako sa song ayun I keep on singing the Country Road after watching the movie. XD

    Anyway, it's one good advantage of blogger, kasi you can manage the picture. You can somehow modify them eh, I took a snapshot of the movie hehe, I used the VLC player. I took time talaga to do the snapshot thingy just to have a good post kasi I'm kinda tired of writing na haha!

  5. Wheh! Super late naku kakita dri.
    It's been quite a time since I last visited here.

    Thanks Cha sa movie...waaaaaaaah
    looking forward to more movies from you.

    Super like! ♥_♥

  6. @Seifatima:

    *kaway kaway* hi flor..hehe, yah it's been a long time na :) So happy you stopped by ehehe.. expect more more movie post here, can assure you that. muaaah!


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