Ever wonder why Quintilis? Well it's the Latin word of July, the 7th month of the year. Nahh I just have no idea what would be the title to this post so I decided to name it JULY in LATIN. haha!

My first of July. I had super fun. It's Saturday and we had again our Health and Fitness. It was fun thinking that for the longest time, we have to make a paper plane!! - for our team building activity. "Can we pretend that paper planes, In the night sky like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)   as my friend sheena sings it. hehe. 

Anyway, I already forgot how to make one so Jessie here helped me out. haha! Actually, I made one with the help again from Karen but it wasn't a good one so Jessie makes some improvements. hehe. Oh no!! I forgot that paper plane thingy, all I remember is how to make a boat and a trash can out of paper, ba? Not bad after all. haha! I have no picture of the plane since I forgot to take one.  hehe. The other fun was we have this activity with balloons. We have to place the balloon between our legs and go to the other side of the gym and blow it up by sitting on it in the chair. hahaha! After that we had our Zumba dance. hehe, yeah shake it to the left and shake it to the right. I'm not a good dancer eh? hehe. 

The excitement powers me up knowing that we will watch Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon in 3D with Sticky Friends, ayii.. Still waiting for the photos *sigh* hehe. Nevermind, I still have here on my phone but just a few shots. It was my very first to watch a cinema in 3D. Exciting eh? I was totally in AWE. WoOoW, what else should I say? hmmm..Outstanding, genius hehe basta all the adjectives na. wahaha!!!

I will not make any comment about how the movie goes basta you watch it nalang. Shia is such a good actor and Josh Duhamel is ever a charmer *big grin* I love the plot; I love everything including the Official Soundtrack from Linkin Park titled Iridescent

Spoiler ALERT! Read at your own risk!!

I was sad that Ironhide died uwaaa**sniff sniff* one of the saddest part is that Shia cried cause he thought he will never see BumbleBee ever again. awwww.. That was kinda sad huh. The coolest part was the military flying with their "wing suits" but I experienced cross-eyed on that scene. haha! There are some scenes where I experienced cross-eyed and I noticed that when you try to focus on one image the background becomes blurry. That's how 3D works eh? haha! 

Anyway, the movie running time is approximately 157 minutes which is 2.616666667 hours according to the conversion table. LOL. So that's long the movie was so I was kinda tired sitting there plus I have this annoying headache.  But I enjoyed the movie much, before I forgot I need to mention Patrick Dempsey, he's one of the antagonist, he was working with the Decepticons. hanep mayrun pang traitor-ness part, yow Sentinel Prime is such a traitor. Michael Bay did an awesome job again, waa I saw the video making of flying part ha, it was true talaga. The crew of Michael Bay made the flying part in Chicago skyscraper, I think.I just saw the video in IMDB Transformers: Dark of the Moon profile. hehe. AWESOMENESS. I wanna try. I wanna TRY!! hahaha! I rate this movie 10.


  1. naman sis di mo ako sinama di ko pa experience 3D..ay kahiya 34 di ko pa natry hahaha..next time with my kids kaya lang 3 yr.old youngest ko so wahhhh..baka sumigaw sa loob ng sinehan sumama sa sound effects..di bale nag enjoy naman ang sistah..have a blessed Sunday Cha :)

  2. yah you should really try hehe, eh di ko alam din kung pede 3yrs old. sayang naman kung ganun but i bet they will enjoy especially the happy feet 3D ayii coming soon. Thank you sis :) God Bless you.

  3. ayeeee..talaga happy feet ay naky fave ng kids ko yan lalo na naalala nila yung happy feet na magkapatid sa pinoy got talent..my kids are actually dancing tap dance even my 3 year old with those hands sa side hahaha..gandang umaga sis :)

  4. yah, they will love it tlaga sis. I apologize late lagi ang response ko ^^ likey ko rin yung happy feet sa PGT nakaka-aliw kasi yung tunog. Ankyut ng mga babies mo sis. send my kisses to them :-* mwwah! take care and God Bless.


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