He's/You're Beautiful

The newest Koreanovela coming soon on ABS-CBN..

I saw it first on TV which I hurriedly search on mysoju.com, it's really interesting and it was like having Hana Kimi and Coffee Prince for the nth time. The story was somewhat like that..Uhmm..yeah the girl is pretending to be a guy. He was, I mean she was the substitute for her twin brother who had an accident and still recovering. He was the newest member of the famous boy band A.N.JELL, I hope she'd play her role well. hehe' Watch this soon on ABS-CBN.

I was watching it on mysoju now and I'm on episode 5 already. Actually it has 16 episodes so it's a very long TV show for sure. I bet this is again a big hit in ABS, I commend this to all! A.N.JELL ANOTHER KOREAN FEVER WILL HIT THE TV SCREEN SOON!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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