"Afternoon Tiger" Versus "Giant Shark Missile Technique" ( Mighty Guy Versus Kisame)

Mighty Guy


Naruto Shippuuden released the latest episode in manga: Episode 507. I'm an avid reader of this manga and I keep on updating the latest episodes. I used to read online in onemanga.com but sad to say the site is gone for good. However, there are lots of manga niches, one of them is the mangastream.com.

The episode centers the fight of Mighty Guy and Kisame. I was super doopeeer amazed on this two shinobi's awesome fight . But what is more surprising is that Guy is getting stronger and drowned Kisame's technique. Guy battles Kisame in Land of Lightning,  where Guy together with Yamato accompanied Naruto for training.

When Aoba dared Guy into the Falls of Truth to confront his inner self, Kisame showed up into the falls. Thinking that it was his innser self, Guy attacked Kisame and knocked him down. 
Realizing that it was the enemy, Guy battled Kisame and opened his Sixth Gate: Gate of View. 

Kisame attempts to run off  with the scroll of information to send to Akatsuki, but Guy  with the help of Killer Bee tossed him to catch him up. Kisame activated Water Release: Five Feeding Sharks and Water Release: Thousand Feeding Sharks, on the other hand Guy opened the Seventh Gate: Gate of Wonder in order to match Kisame's Water Release: Great Shark Missile Technique with his Afternoon Tiger. 

Kisame's Great Shark Missile Technique is no ordinary missile, it has the power to absorb the targets chakra to grow it stronger, the stronger the opponent the stronger it gets.  

But surprisingly, Guy's Afternoon Tiger outweigh the Great Shark. Afternoon Tiger is a one-hit kill taijutsu, an incredibly faster punch. A punch focuses a massive amount of air pressure in a single point. The technique explodes the built-up air pressure in an instant. Indeed Guy is one of the amazing Jonin in Konoha.Major Major exciting episodes na! and I'm looking forward for more!!  Read the full episode 507.


  1. Like this one.. nyahahaha.... nkabasa na pud ko ani nga mganga.. tsada sya... massking sad nga episode.. ahehehe gogogogo...

  2. hehe..yups..i likey this ate rox..hehe..gogogo!!excited ko next episodes ui..samuukk!!

  3. ako pud... ahehehe... lisod na ko ka manga dani kai... naa gabantay...


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