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I'm posting here all my love, NO! not a person but things that I love such as brand of shoes and bags. Oh, how I wish I could own one. I love shoes and bags as much as I love cute things. Just looking at them is my happiness even though I can't really have them now. I know for sure soon I can have all of you but maybe not exactly the same. We all have wants and needs so I guess these are my WANTS. haha! Behold!!! photos are below.

This is a Le Bunny Bleu bestseller shoe. I fell in-love to this Bunny motive flats the first time I saw it on Facebook. I adore flat shoes, I don't usually buy those high heels since I'm not use to them and I'm not a fan. Most of the time I wear flats and there are moments when I like to wear wedge shoes.

I find this one so adorable plus the design was really cute. ^____^ 

The next brand of shoe is from Suelas.

I want to have this one,the Manejo Lace. I think this one cost Php 1,050, for the record I haven't really bought shoes at this price except if I have that extra money. But maybe this one is an exception.

This is  Matiz Purple/Orange/BlueGreen costs Php 999. Although this is way back 2011, i'm not really sure if this one is still available. The sad thing is all their shoes are limited so better order now than be sorry later (lol, i can relate haha!). So if you want or interested to buy one just visit their site Suelas and their Facebook page so that you can browse their albums.

Also Laureen and Kryz Uy wear them!

all photos credited to Suelas.

weeeeee I didn't realize that this post is long already so I have to cut it short for now. I will post more about the things I love this coming week. So far these two brands of shoes are the best for me. I hope I could buy a pair of suelas shoes. coming soon. hehe.


  1. I also like it sis ang cool ng colors bagay sa akin din..bumibisita po ;)

  2. sissy ganda!! I super miss you na, hope you're doing fine :(


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