Whale you be my valentine?

I had just a funny conversation with my mother early this morning. She was just concerned about me, I can't totally blame her though. Yay! I forgot to greet her today, anyway she can't blame me too, it's too early in the morning and my brain cells are adjusting to normal phase. I dunno but all I know is that no matter what happen, I'd still want to try, to get hurt just to fall in-love all over again. weeeeeeee, I don't want to be in drama mode today haha! I want to be happy since it is so nice to be happy. 

 Happy Valentines to my Rin-kun. muaaaah! I can't help myself I fall in-love with you. 

Happy valentines to all! Spread the love not the legs. 


  1. love love love..sarap naman..I can't help but fall in love so deeply with Beany hehehe..passing by sissy..missing you *hugs* ;)

  2. sissy... I miss you too so much.. I've been very busy these days.. muaaaah! I know you are sissy. stay in-love <3 take care sissy and hope you are doing great. hugs and kisses.


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