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I know it's been an awfully long time I've posted something on my blog. I haven't got time to write a worthy post. I've been trying to juggle my time with work, love-life & some personal stuffs. I'm so happy and excited that the love of my life is finally home!!! I truly missed him so much that I wanted to see him every single day. I wanted to make sure that we spend quality time together before he goes back to work again. I love it when he's around. I just can't describe the overwhelming happiness when I'm with him. I'm soooo cheesy LOL! Anyway, since it's summer here in my country, I have arranged a summer getaway with my boyfie. I will be out of town again! Last April, I went to Camiguin Island with my family during the Easter week holiday, maybe I'll post something about it. I will update my blog soon with my summer getaway adventures. I'll be right back so stay tuned!


  1. so cheesy nga hehehe..I'm a smiling seeing my younger sis is overflowing with love..visiting you Cha..this is Ate Sie-hoping you still remember me *blink*

  2. sissy!!!I miss you ate Sie, hope everything is doing well with you *virtual hug*

  3. miss you din sissy..hug hugs..xensya na nagrest muna si ate..busy sa kids at sobrang heart broken..hindi nagpakita after 4 years of waiting..not meant to be talaga sissy..I still believe whatever happened God will give the best for me..hugs hugs sissy :)


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