UPDATE:25 Things to do before my 25th Birthday!

As you know, I've celebrated my 25th birthday last June (I'm still on my youth years, YAY! holding on). We have a team outing (sponsored) and traveled to Camiguin. I had a great time on our team outing despite the depressing thought that I had a period during the whole trip (what a KJ)! Anyway, it was a happy one cause my bananey was there (。♥‿♥。).   Below is an update to my to do lists before my 25th Birthday.

  1. Get a Passport
  2. To get SSS, Pag-ibig and Tin #
  3. Water Rafting
  4. Zipline in Dahilayan and try other rides
  5. Parasailing 
  6. Learn to invest and manage my finances - starting to invest (wish me luck!)
  7. Buy a laptop, preferably 10" laptop (Asus or Sony Vaio - I prefer vaio)
  8. To have my own Iphone or Note 3 - (decided to give the Iphone to my little bro)
  9. To have a Fujifilm Instax (color blue/yellow)
  10. To have my own pair of Keds (TSwift Colletion or Keds X Kate Spade New York Pointer)
  11. To have my own pair of Nike shoes.
  1. Go to Dahilayan Adventure Park
  2. Stay for 3-4 nights in Dahilayan Gardens & Resort
  3. Visit Fantasyland and Dakak Beach Resort  
  4. Go swimming in Enchanted River
  5. 4-5 days vacation in Boracay
  6. 4-5 days travel abroad (I would love to visit Japan, Hongkong and Korea)
  7. Go to Disneyland Hongkong!
  8. 4-5 days vacation in Coron, Palawan
  9. Visit Samal Island in Davao

  1. I have to lose 35 lbs before my 25th birthday! (lost around 17.8 lbs - as of Aug 2014)
  2. Learn YOGA
  3. Exercise Regularly
  4. Eat Clean - no more CRAP food (Carbonated drinks, Refined Sugars, Artificial food & Processed  food)
  5. Aim for PHD (YESSS!)
I failed to make it halfway, however, some of them are not realistic enough to pull off especially the travel part(◞‸◟). I'll make bawi ┗(^∀^)┛

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