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A lot of things had happened, long days of worry and stressful months. I need a break! Its been really hard meditating lately and the troubles in my mind urged me to look for a sanctuary. I've found my refuge through reading. The best way to break-up with the blues is to read. Been back to serious reading and had managed to finish three books series.

The Hunger Games Novel Series

I love this series so much. I'm torn between Divergent and this one but definitely Hunger Games is my number one favorite. Katniss is a bad-ass heroine, I love her! The best book for me on this series is Catching Fire. 

The Selection Series 

Recommended by a friend and it made me really curious. The series is like the reality show The Bachelor but he's not just an ordinary guy, he is a Prince. Prince Maxon is looking for a wife and the only way is through Selection. This novel series is consists of five books. But for me, it ended on The One, which is the third book. I like the series since it was really entertaining but there are parts where I hate America (main protagonist).

If I Stay Series

A heartwarming & heartbreaking story. This series is all about love, tragedy, heartbreak and forgiveness. It is beautifully written. There's one quote that I love on the series "Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you."

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