Palm Sunday and Facing the Giants

PALM SUNDAY. It has been a year that I went to church alone with the similar event. This year, I'm unaccompanied again. Well, it’s not that bad to be alone sometimes. 

Alone but not lonely or sad.  I decided to attend church on the evening instead in the morning. I usually woke up late in a Sunday morning. Good thing, my mama and my little brother went early for mass. They have a blessed palm branch when they got home.

One reason why I decided to attend mass late is that I want to watch the movie Facing the Giants in the afternoon. It was a recommended movie and it has a good rating in IMDB. Facing the Giants is truly an inspiring movie. The situation in the movie was realistic; you can have the same problem like Coach Grant has. You are bombarded with a lot of problems in life that makes you want to give up. 

He was having a bad year being a coach in the football team and the school board members want him out, worst thing is he discovered that he was sterile; he is driving a beat up car and had a lot of problems at home. But he didn’t lose hope, instead he asked God for guidance, direction and strength to overcome his fears and problems he was currently facing.

I wanted to share these snapshots; I love the story about the two farmers waiting for rain to come and they both prayed hard for it. It relates to his problem and I was amazed.  That’s the first time I heard such a wonderful story.

I would love to share this inspiring quote from Spiritual Inspiration

So many people today wonder what God’s will is for their lives. Oftentimes, they look for big things like signs and supernatural events. But really, God’s will for us unfolds each and every day as we obey Him and serve Him with a thankful heart. When you wake up every morning with an attitude of praise and thanksgiving, you just took a step toward your destiny — you are walking in the will of God. When you go throughout your day thanking God that His hand of blessing is upon you, thanking Him for ordering your steps, thanking Him for a new day, you are taking another step in His will.
Today, remember to keep the right perspective. We should have goals and dreams and look forward to a bright future, but the way you live your life today is what’s going to get you to where you need to be tomorrow. Keep praising, keep believing and keep thanking Him because that’s what will keep you moving forward. Submit every area of your heart to Him and walk forward in His will for your life!

 Don't forget to PUSH always. Pray Until Something Happens. Have a blessed DAY to you! Yey! April na!


  1. pray until something happens..I needed this sissy..I agree before God gives our heart desires we should be ready..if it is according to His will..then it will be given to us in His due time..oftentimes it is so hard to understand His ways but what we have to do is just let Him move for us..visiting you sissy *hugs*..namiss kita sissy sobra..3 of my friends in blogging have left..the two of them have no post for a month..the other one deleted her site..I had plans too but I won't it is here where I met my hon and my friends ;)

  2. sissy, thanks for being here. Yes, sissy we need to PUSH always. God is saving something better for us. That's kind of sad sissy :( But I hope you'll not delete your blog, I will miss you talaga. Na miss din kita *beso beso*

  3. Chachucho, very inspirational stories and words you shared with us today. There is a lot to reflect on, but surely in prayer we should indulge to find this connection with God, to keep our hearts satisfied with the little signs God is sending every single day.
    Hope you are well. Will look for this movie you talked about, it seems to be a good one.
    Take care dear

  4. MarieHarmony: I'm happy you are inspired with the words Marie. I was sharing the positive thoughts too. I hope you could watch it Marie, you will be blessed and inspired a lot. Take Care too Marie and hope to see you around :) xxoo

  5. It thoughts provoking.. thanks a lot for sharing. I would definitely check out the movie you talked about..
    God Bless..

  6. Madhulika: My pleasure Madhulika :) Please do check the movie. Thanks for being here.


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