Happy Christmas!

This is actually a late Christmas post since I was out of town during Christmas and I want to be offline for awhile. I wanted to greet everyone a Happy Christmas!! I hope your holiday is full of fun and happiness with your loved ones. I celebrated my Christmas in my hometown, with my family, nieces and little brother. We had fun during dinner but everyone's tired after the mass so they opted to sleep early around 12am. I was tired and sleepy too while waiting for my boypran's text so I decided to read the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (i might post a review), to remind myself that I have to stay awake. I had a wonderful time reading the book, it was really diverting. Finally, when my boypran greeted me through a call, it was time for me to sleep. 

He wants to celebrate Christmas with me but there are firecrackers everywhere and it's dangerous for him to travel, so I told him to stay put. I felt bad when he told me that he really wanted to go to my place and light the sparkler firework with me, but I told him I was sorry. I understand that he might be sad since it was his first Christmas with me. He was away for a year for work. Anyhow, I think my daily intake of calories during this holiday season is building up, I lost my count! And I feel heavy already, I have to control my eating. I can't help it really! my mother is the best cook, I love her Hamonada that's why I ended up eating a lot of rice *shoots*. I'll try to eat less this New Year since I can't exercise for now, I was ill lately and I'm still recovering. I will do my own cardio next week which is next year 2013. hehe. I have not much time to capture a photo during that time so I searched Google for a giant and extravagant Christmas tree! Ever since the world began, it's not mandatory for us to place gifts under a Christmas tree, that's how our parents raised us. We don't have that much but we have enough. Maybe someday when I have my own family, I'll try my best to place gifts under the Christmas tree for my children. There's something about Christmas that makes my heart warm and its a strange feeling even  now. Do you feel the same? I hope everyone have fun this holiday season which I believe God created to bring family closer together, it's time to relax and enjoy good things in life. He wants us to be happy and appreciate the things He has given us. Merry New Year in advance to all! God Bless your pure heart.

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