My Christmas Wish-List

It's Christmas time again! I love Christmas holidays not because of gifts but rather I love celebrating it with my family and finally the love of my life will celebrate it with me. Anyway, my lovely dearest friend sheena tagged me this one. I have to list at least 6 Christmas wishlists I wish to receive. I actually have a wishlist, now is the prefect time to jot them down here on my blog. TADA!!!

photo from: tabulyo

1. Tutum sandals/shoes, Suelas shoes. I'm a shoe addict!A compulsive buyer sometimes, I can't help it! haha! Any of these will make me extremely happy. Someday I wanna have a shoe rack full of these but I wanna buy other brands too. *wishin* :P

2. Kindle Fire! This is my all time wish haha! I love reading books, it maybe in a form of pdf file, paperbacks or hardcover ones, I'd be ecstatic to have this. I can't even describe how I love this gadget. It has an audio so I can listen to my fave songs, watch a movie and even skyping. 

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3. A Bike. Though recently I just learned how to ride one with the help of my boypran hehe. I love riding a bike. It's full of joy! One good way to exercise too which is a must for me. 

photo credits to owner :) 
4. More blessings to come (family, relatives, loved ones and friends). 
5. A healthy and abundant year (family, relatives, loved ones and friends).
6. Lastly, World Peace (always praying). 

Okay, that's all! I wish I could have at least one of them this coming Christmas which I think is really impossible haha! Anyway, I just keep on crossing my toes for them to come true. Maybe not this year but there's still another year coming and hey it's not yet ending on Dec. 21st, it's not funny anymore. This is kinda exaggerating and annoying lately. Thanks shenani for this hehe I had so much fun.


  1. oh lala! Kindle fire!!! haha. After looking at your wish list im wishing to have kindle fire too. haha. We already have kindle but it's not fire haha. And naguba ang screen sa mo kindle. Someone may have sit on it or nahulog xa haha peke. Hope that your dreams come true! I'm glad you enjoyed doing it. Merry Christmas Chang!!!

  2. hala as in? im sorry to hear that sheen. Lagi Kindle Fire is awesome jd huhu, I really want one shenani waaaaaaa i'll do anything for this. hehe. I hope all our wishes will came true shenani :* Merry Christmas!!!!


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