Challenges and Changes for 2014

This is my first post for 2014. I was thinking of, no- not New Year’s resolutions rather I want to challenge my-self every month. I was inspired by Zen Habit’s post to create 12 changes for this year.  Well, it says that you have to make one change at a time for maximum effectiveness.  So it would be one change per month and that would be exactly 12 changes for this year. I was thinking though what would be these changes I want to achieve. He suggested some changes on his blog and that’s very helpful. It provided me ideas on how to start this challenge uhmm starting this month.

Read more Books – I would love to start this one by reading book series. I have plenty of books here at home. I purchased them last year. I honestly hoard books for pleasure. I mean, they are one of my guilty pleasures. I just can’t stop buying them.

Be financially literate – that means I should be reading finance book from now on. Actually, I bought two financial books. I should be working seriously on my finances. My 2013 financial status is not that good so I have to scrutinize everything and work on my budgeting, savings etc.

Exercise – I have to go back to Pilates and Cardio.

Mindful Eating – I was thinking on creating a weekly challenge for this. For instance, no refined carbs for a week or no sodas, no candies, no sweets, no fastfoods. Haha! I can think of many things but that’s all for now. *wink*

Learn something new every day – I wrote this one on my small goals.  I want to learn Japanese, Korean, Italian and Spanish languages per week.  Learn more about phrases and grammar weekly and take note of those.

Eat more fruits and vegetables – Clean Eating. I want to test myself by creating challenges every week, check out  #4.

Unprocrastination – weekly challenges maybe? No TV, no FB, no napping? hmmm

Wake-up early – see #3 for the reason.

Create my: Things To Do before I'm 25.

Write frequently – post on my blog every week.

Appreciation Jar – I have to buy an empty jar.

Be original and try to create more memories (take more photos)!

 penguin motivation. figthing!


  1. hi chang! :)

    We've got three in common. I also want to read more books, exercise, and write(i write everyday)! The appreciation jar reminds me of anna oposa and stargirl. I think stargirl has happiness jar was it? hehe.

    Mindful eating? nah, not for me. hehe.

    Sadly my blog expired. I dont have any plans to renew and Im meditating on what to do next.

    Good luck to our quest. haha. It is so hard to form a habit.

    P.s. I think i'll have to include using facebook too. too much addicted already.

  2. shenani, i miss you! muaaah!

    weeee, i guess you're reading more books that I am haha! Let's do this together, it'll be fun! i think appreciation jar was from anna oposa hehe, oh I was thinking to read love, stargirl. hehe you don't need mindful eating haha! you have a healthy metabolism.

    Yes, i heard that on your page, that's kinda sad. If you don't want to renew then don't hehe go back to blogspot :D

    Thanks shenani, goodluck with yours too muuuaaaah! I want to form this habit since i've been putting myself on the back burner. weeee goodluck with the facebook thing, haha! I want to remove that addiction too. muuaaaah!

  3. I miss you too chang! haha sali nlang ta miss miss ani. haha

    Yea, i read a lot but dont finish anything. haha maylang sa permiro. Yes Iet's do it together!
    I would also want to finish reading Love, Stargirl. Cge that would be included in our challenge.

    I'm on blogspot now. It's kinda lonely. haha i wish to have more visitors soon. haha
    Cge, cge.. goodluck to us!

  4. haha! i am like that too..those are the days I feel lazy and just sleep. I was looking for a copy sa Love, Stargirl. That's okay, i'm sure you will have visitors soon. I am lonely here as well hahaha! You're my only visitor.


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