Weekly Challenges: First Week

Jan 6, 2014

Today’s the first day of my weekly challenge and I will do this one baby step at a time.  Below are the challenges.


Drink Herbalife Shake twice a day.
Just 3-tbsp of Rice.
Eat fruit at least twice a day, preferably before or after eating or snack time.
Go back to Cardio Exercise.  I will exercise between 4-5pm each day or if I wake up early the better, 6x a week since Sunday would be my rest day.
No Sodas for this week. Just plain water or tea!

Learn more about Japanese language (post a youtube video)
Write phrases,  grammar or idioms here. Just interesting matter. Basta may sense and substance!
No FB for a week! (kaya?) hahahaha!
Write something for my: Things to do before I’m 25.
Write appreciation daily! I am looking for a jar and found one in all things at 88, but I don’t want a large size jar. My table cannot accommodate it; I will look for a small one.

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  1. 3tbsp? Come on! haha devil's advocate keu ko. Cge im on. Let's do this! Weekly update ka sa emo then ako pd weekly update. I still have to come up with what i want to accomplish. I want it specific. And ill post it on my blog later today or tomorrow.

    If it's fine with you, let us set rules for our weekly challenges. haha
    First i think we have to come up with a detailed list of what we have accomplished within that week. For example on Monday, we have to check what we did and did not do. Something like that. haha.

    Cge cge magcreate nalng ko something ana then ill show you.
    You can also suggest rules that we have to follow for our challenges. :)

  2. I did the 3tbsp shenani! haha! i was about to post my update for this challenge weeeeeee GAME!!! This is exciting!!hehe rules are fine!


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