Last Sunday I took an exam - NC2-CHS in  TESDA - TAGOLOAN. I'm just lucky, I passed the exam -hahah!- I didn't expect it. The night before the exam, I started studying but then I felt like my head is going crazy in memorizing the beep codes. I hit the hay already. I told myself I don't care what would happen tomorrow as long as I have enough sleep. "Whatever will be, will be" , I thought. I always have that "bahala na" habit.

The day of the exam I'm not feeling well. The exam started 9:30 and ends 5pm. I managed to study since I arrived early in TESDA. Being cool helps me a lot, I don't want to feel anxious about what would be the result. I  prayed to God for guidance. 

First problem encountered: I can't get  straight-thru perfectly - I tested it but it  was failed. I have used already my extra RJ45 so what I did I just borrowed an extra RJ45 from my friend Pearly. If I can't get it right, I'm failed in networking -waaaaaa-

to be continued..........

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