Inside my Tote bag...

BAGS are container of things.We put everything we needed for everyday purposes. Bags may vary in sizes, functions,and designs. I wanna share something what's inside my Tote bag.

First things first...

A hairbrush
Of course,a typical girl like me always have a hairbrush. 

Pink Pouch bag
My pink pouch bag serves as my organizer.I put a lot of things on it..Inside this organizer bag is my cologne/perfume,a lip-gloss, a pen, flash drive,corby charger and headset, press powder (for mirror purposes only!), alcohol, Vitress (for hair),and a baby powder.

I always have my sun/rain protection with me. My friends usually call me a Girl Scout " laging handa" (always ready).

Brown pouch bag
Inside this pouch bag I have all my receipts from school,chain stores and malls. (dunno why i keep them). It also includes my XU school id (S.Y 08-09).My novena prayer for St.Anthony de Padua,stresstab vitamins,other useful medicines -just in case-.

My tumbler
I always have my tumbler with me especially when I'm at the office.

Cellphone wrist bag holder
I have 2 cellphones so i needed it badly.

Glasses box 
I need this for my reading glasses. 

a tissue, pocket notebook and my wallet.

So what's inside your bag?

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